GES Theses

The submission of student’s thesis dissertation is the last step in the program leading to the award of their degree. All theses become a permanent and official record of contribution to the body of scholarship and research undertaken at UH Mānoa, and are publicly available for purposes of research, education, and private study. The printed books* are available for students to borrow for reference. The theses are also uploaded to and searchable via ScholarSpace.

*Effective Summer 2021, GES is no longer printing thesis books for reference. The theses will be available only on this webpage and/or ScholarSpace.

The links below are all PDF. *indicates full-length thesis
Agustin, Alyssa2013Marine Debris Deposition Rates in the North Pacific Relative to Forcing FactorsMark Merrifield & James Potemra
Ahrouch, Ghizlane2008A Study of Resonant Periods for Fringing Reefs WorldwideJanet Becker
Akiba, Miya2006Processes controlling the Air-sea Exchange of Oxygen in Southern Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, HawaiiFred Mackenzie
Arnade, Glenn *2021Political and Economic Implications Associated with Climate Induced Migration from Central AmericaMark Glick
Aus, Erica *2011Metabolic Enzyme Activities of Benthic Zoarcids off the Coast of CaliforniaJeffrey Drazen
Anderson, Taylor *2018Developing a Low-Cost Sensor for Comparative Analysis of High Frequency Wind Speed FluctuationsAlison Nugent
Babiano, Christine2015Near-Surface Remote Sensing of Regional Vegetation PhenologyTomoaki Miura
Barcinas, Arisa * 2020Evaluating the Barriers Faced by Native Hawaiian and Pacific Island Undergraduate Students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and MathematicsBarbara Bruno
Barro, Anthony2020An Investigation of CO₂ Signals Caused by Weather Disturbances in Māmala BaySeth Bushinsky & Christopher Sabine
Bascunana, Jeremy2012Effect of Biochars Varying in Physico-Chemical Properties on Water Holding Capacities of Two Tropical Soils with Contrasting TextureJonathan Deenik
Beebe, Charles “Aka”2016Ka Wai Ola o Kanewai: Characterizing the sediments, nutrients and microbial communities of an indigenous flooded agro-ecosystemRosie Alegado
Benjamin, Lindsey 2010Characterization of the physical environment in He‘eia Fishpond, O‘ahu, Hawai‘iMargaret McManus
Berger, Carolyn 2004Enumeration of Hydrothermal Vent Microbes by Flow CytometryJames Cowen
Bernhard, Cecil *2009A review of aquaculture in Hawaii and its potential environmental impactsL. Neil Frazer
Bernier, Jenny * 2013Evaluation of Arsenic Uptake by Marine SedimentsEric De Carlo
Blitz, Ashley 2011Experimental Analysis of an Undesirable Crystal Precipitate in a Developmental Carbon Fuel CellMichael Jerry Antal Jr.
Booth, Honour 2019Assessing the Sunscreen Sheen: Determining the Presence and Persistence of Organic Ultraviolet Filters in the Waters of the Hanauma Bay Marine Life Conservation DistrictPhilip Williams
Bosworth, Kyle 2008Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Storm induced Freshwater Plumes in Southern Kaneohe Bay, Hawai‘iMargaret McManus
Bower, Sara2022Rate of DNA Degradation in Pygmy Killer Whales for the
Estimation of Post-Mortem Interval
Kristi West
Brignac, Kayla 2018Identification and Spatial Distribution of Plastic Marine Debris Polymers in the Hawaiian Islands: Beach, Sea Surface, and SeafloorJennifer Lynch & James Potemra
Buckley, Shandy 2009Biological and Physical Comparison of Cyclonic Eddies in an Open Sea Region and in a Coastal ChannelMargaret McManus
Bukunt, Justin 2006A Study of Submarine Groundwater Discharge on Two Shorelines of OahuCraig Glenn
Carroll, Brenna 2019Effects of Future Ocean Conditions on the Microbiome of Crustose Coralline Algae with Implications for Coral Settlement and GrowthCraig Nelson
Carroll, Liana 2003Physical Volcanology of an Explosive Eruption at Kilauea Volcano: The Mystery Unit of the Keanakako‘i Tephra FormationBruce Houghton & Costanza Bonadonna
Chang, Emily 2012Identification and Photometry of Candidate Transiting Exoplanet SignalsEric Gaidos
Chang, Rachel *2017Using Satellite Images to Study Temporal changes in the Mississippi DeltaPete Mouginis-Mark
Chen, Will 2007Physical and Biogeochemical Properties of Enchanted LakeFred Mackenzie
Chen, Solomon * 2020Strategic Monitoring and Resilience Training in the Ala Wai Watershed, Oʻahu:
Seasonal and Episodic Variability
Brian Glazer
Chinaka, Bryan 2013Desalinization and Bio-Purification Using Hydrates Stephen Masutani
Chitnis, Jay *2016Effects of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico Margo Edwards
Christensen, Katy 2017The Upper Layer Variability of an Antarctic Glacio-marine Fjord: Andvord Bay, Western Antarctic Peninsula Mark Merrifield
Chung, Kelcey Ann 2017Fecundity of Shrimp and Sea Spiders Under Contrasting Conditions of Food Availability Along the West Antarctic Peninsula Craig Smith
Chung, Mung Fa 2006An Experimental Study: Nutrient Release From Kaneohe Bay SedimentEric De Carlo
Clark, Christian * 2010Benthic Megafaunal Community Structure and Biodiversity Along a Sea Ice Gradient on the Western Antarctic Peninsula: Insights into Climate WarmingCraig Smith & Laura Grange
Clark, Marshall 2016Environmental Changes at Station Aloha from Earth Science System Simulations James Potemra & Pedro DiNezio
Conroy, Ted *2015Examining Late Twentieth Century Trends in the Central Tropical PacificBrian Powell
Corpus, Christopher-Bryce *2021An Analysis of Salt Concentrations in the Rainwaters of Kāneʻohe, Hawai’i Alison Nugent
Coulombe, Danielle 2009Carbon Capture and Storage in Southern California Identifying the Long Term LiabilitiesMichael Cooney
Cuny, Derek 2004Liver and Muscle Tissue Half-Lives in Juvenile Yellowfin TunaBrian Popp & Brittany Graham
Curley, Zoe *2020An Investigation of Environmental Drivers of Crown of Thorns Starfish Outbreaks on GuamJames Potemra
D’Andrea, Brandon 2015Water Exchange and Circulation in He’eia Fishpond: Building Blocks for Establishing a Water BudgetMargaret McManus
Daniels, Marissa 2006Water use and conservation on the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and on Oahu, HawaiiGordon Grau & Stephen Meder
Darin, Samantha *2022Determination of Microplastics in Surface Waters of Kāneʻohe, Bay, OʻahuChristopher Sabine
deGelleke, Laura * 2007Abundance and distribution of Arsenic in Hawaiian soils and sedimentsEric De Carlo
Delano, Mia * 2016Heritability of Coral Calcification Rates and Potential for Adaptation to Ocean AcidificationRob Toonen & Chris Jury
Derocher, Michael *2011Decadal Changes in Macrobenthos Along a Latitudinal Gradient on the West Antarctic Peninsula Continental ShelfCraig R. Smith
Diaz, Ulises 2019Tracking Shoreline Morphology Using Drone Based Photogrammetry on Rockpiles Beach in Hawai’iMartin Guiles
Dichner, Michael 2001Remote Whale Detection: A Hyperspectral ViewJane Schoonmaker
Dionne, Elizabeth *2017Resolving Carbon Contributions in a Mangrove EstuaryHenrietta Dulai and David Ho
Driscoll, Norma-Jean * 2018Bacteriophage and Host Bacteria Interactions within the Ala Wai CanalGrieg Steward
Ehman, Kainalu * 2017An Analysis of Automatic Identification System Data in Detecting Fishery Movements in the Gulf of Mexico from the International Space StationMargo Edwards
Epstein, Michael 2003A “Green” Approach for Amide Bond Formation: Synthesis of 2,2-dimethyl-N- acetyl-5-bromo-7-nitroindoline for Phototransamidation in an Aqueous MediumKatja Michael
Fiedler, Julia 2011Spatial Variability of Sea Level Rise Due to Water Impoundment Behind DamsClinton Conrad
Fitzgerald, Kevin 2006An Analysis of potential suitability of High Occupancy Toll Lanes and Rail in HonoluluKarl Kim
Fu, Yazhou * 2017Using Climate Variables and Aireborne Lidar Derived Vegetation Structure for Accessing the Habitat of Breeding Birds: A Case Study in MinnesotaQi Chen
Fujimoto, Shawn 2004Ciguatera Toxin in Oahu’s Reef Fishes and the Effects of Ocean Depth on Gambierdiscus toxicus Dinoflagellate CountsYoshitsugi Hokama, Charles Birkeland, & Jennifer Smith
Gambaiani, Delphine2003Evaluation of Nitrogen Dynamics in Vineyard Soils of Languedoc RoussillonCarl Evensen & Fred Mackenzie
Garcia, Monica 2013Quantifying Coral Reef Cryptofauna Diversity of O‘ahu and Kauai Islands Using Autonomous Reef Monitoring StructuresJeffrey Drazen, Kerry Reardon, & Molly Timmers
Geschwind, Leon 2000A Field and Laboratory Evaluation of the Fossil Filter in Reducing Heavy Metal Non-Point Source Pollution from Street RunoffEric De Carlo
Ghen, Graceson * 2005Attalea Phalerata and Biodiesel; Potential for Local and Regional SustainabilityFred Mackenzie
Giancaterino, Shaun 2012Environmental Influences on Vibro vulnificus Abundance in the Ala Wai CanalGrieg Steward
Gibson, Veronica *2012Integrated Responses to Simulated Submarine Groundwater Discharge; Tissue Water Potential, Photosynthesis, and Growth Comparisons for Two Intertidal Algae SpeciesCelia Smith
Grand, Maxime * 2003Precipitation, Plant Communities and Methane Fluxes in the Ka‘au Crater Wetland, O‘ahu, Hawai‘i Eric Gaidos
Grant, Reagan *2013Age and Growth of the Divine Dwarf Goby Eviota epiphanes from O‘ahu, Hawai‘i Alan Friedlander
Gray, Michael 2010Movements of the male and female Blue Shark in response to environmental conditionsKevin Weng
Griswold, Natasha 2015Effects of Climate Change, Ocean Acidification, and Nutrient Enrichment on Coral-Algal CompetitionRob Toonen & Chris Jury
Guss, Jordan 2012Tracer Transport on the Eastern Flank of the Juan De Fuca RidgeJames Cowen
Ha, Honghuynh 2005Nutrient Input to South Kaneohe Bay during StormsEric De Carlo
Hall, Lisa2016The Ecology of Reoccuring Associations Between Eukaryotic Phytoplankton and the Nitrogen Fixing Cyanobacterium, TrichodesmiumMatthew Church
Hansen, Lauryn *2022The Impact of Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) Exposure on Reproductive Capacity and Viability of M. Capitata and P. Lobata Corals on OʻahuRobert Richmond
Hanson, Todd2005Photogrammetric and Mechanical Analysis of Glaciers with an Emphasis on Tidewater Glacier DynamicsMarlin Atkinson
Harman, Michelle 2006Mapping invasive species in Makaha Valley, O‘ahu using fine resolution satellite imageryTomoaki Miura
Harmon, Nathaniel 2016Towards Development of a Trace Element Sampling System: In Situ Pre-Concentration Using a Bi-Directional PumpChris Measures
Hashisaka, David 2014Evaluation and Improvement of the Atmospheric Data Acquisition System aboard R/V Kilo MoanaJohn R. Smith & Craig T. Nosse
Hassett, Whitney *2006An Analysis of Placozoan Nutrition and BiomineralizationEric Gaidos
Henao, Estefania2022Assessment of Methods of Fluoridation to Conclude Most Beneficial for Human Health and the EnvironmentMichael Cooney
Hermann, Kiefer *2018Rain Gauge Analysis of Precipitation on OahuAlison Nugent
Heu, Cherryle *2020Comparing REU Student Vs. Advisor Ratings of Student Performance Suggests Low Student Self-EfficacyBarbara Bruno
Hicks, Amelia 2005Maritime Transport of Nuclear and Hazardous Materials Jon Van Dyke
Hicks, Brandon2016Validation of Satellite Derived Total Suspended Matter in Inland WatersRobert Wright
Hilmer, Tyson *2005Measuring Breaking Waves Heights Using VideoMark Merrifield
Hoen, Danielle2012Compound Specific Isotope Analysis in Food Web Studies: The Need for Accurate Estimates of Trophic Enrichment FactorsBrian Popp
Holland, Sean *2020Finding Ocean Giants: Using Species Distribution Modeling to Advance Our Understanding of the Giant Squid, Architeuthis duxJeffrey Drazen
Howins, Noah2019Impact of Physical Reef Characteristics on Calcification Rates of the Kāneʻohe Bay Barrier ReefEric De Carlo & Christopher Sabine
Hughes, Olivia *2021Coastal Waver Patterns in the Hawaiian Islands in Relation to Significant Climate EventsMargaret McManus
Hughes, Tiana *2022Using Nitrogen Stable Isotope Values to Track Nitrogen Cycling Over the Last 4000 Years at Cape Tuxen, Antarctic PeninsulaDavid Beilman
Hull, Danielle *2010A Quantitative Analysis of Alkaline Phosphatase Activity in He‘eia FishpondKathleen Ruttenberg
Huynh-Nguyen, Tina *2021Characterizing Nitrogen and δ15N Values in the Tissues of a Windward Population of Avrainvillea lacerata, an Invasive Green AlgaCelia Smith
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Jerolmon, Conor2013Investigating the Origins of a Mysterious Structure in the Solar CoronaShadia Habbal
Jiang, Chelsea *2022Analyzing Consumer Perceptions Towards the Honolulu Disposable Food Ware OrdinanceCatherine Chan
Jimenez, Winter *2018Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Coral Community Structure at Baker and Howland IslandsMichael Guidry & Bernardo Vargas-Angel
Johnson, Christina2013Temporal and Vertical Dynamics of Unicellular Cyanobacterial Diazotrophs in the North Pacific Subtropical GyreMatthew Church
Johnson, Michaela *2021Thermal Tolerance of Siphonaria normalis Embryos on Oʻahu,
Amy Moran
Kane, Haunani *2010Historical shoreline change and cultural sites, Kawela-Kahuku, O‘ahuCharles Fletcher
Katayama, Honoka *2022Relationship Between Sediment Characteristics and Contaminant Concentrations on Oʻahu and KauaʻiMegan Donahue
Kealoha, Andrea2010Variations in Trace Element Concentrations in Sediments at Four Sampling Sites at Ordnance Reef, Waianae, HawaiiEric De Carlo
Kelly, William Robert2018Critical Assessment of Utilizing Constructed Wetlands to Sustainably Treat Petroleum Industry WastewaterMichael Cooney
Kennedy, Joseph2011Evaluation of Anthropogenic Impacts on the Flow of Two Coastal Springs in Maunalua Bay, South Shore, O‘ahuCraig R. Glenn & Henrietta Dulaiova
Keliipuleole, Kuʻi2019KA PILINA O NĀ HĀ‘UKE‘UKE
A Study of the Size and Genetic Connectivity of the Culturally Significant Sea Urchin (Colobocentrotus atratus) in Hawaiʻi
Robert Toonen
Killinger, Jennifer * 2013The Art of Performing ScienceJane Schoonmaker & Mark Branner
King, Seraphina *2022Bringing Food to the Table: Exploring the Potential of Urban Agriculture in HonoluluPriyam Das
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Kleven, Alana * 2014Coastal Groundwater Discharge as a Source of Nutrients to He‘eia Fishpond, O‘ahu, Hawai‘iHenrietta Dulaiova
Klingberg, Eric *2021Linking Ecological Conditions to Size-Distributions of Abyssal Scavengers Across the Eastern and Central Pacific OceanJeffrey Drazen
Ko, Whitney 2014Feeding Habits of Cyclothone in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre Inferred From Stable Isotopic CompositionsJeffrey Drazen & Brian Popp
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Lam, Chuen Wing * 2010Calorimetric investigation of olivine carbonation as a mechanism for carbon sequestration Gregory Ravizza
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Lee, Kean Vit 2006Cross comparison of Spot-4 Vegetation and NOAA-14 AVHRR Normalized Difference Vegetation Index Data for Continuity Studies Tomoaki Miura
Leonard, Lyle 2004Atmospheric Dust Load from the 2003 dust Season measured from Bellows Air Force StationChris Measures
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Christopher Shuler
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