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In 2022, the Uehiro Foundation on Ethics and Education, chaired by Mr. Tetsuji Uehiro, established the Uehiro Center for the Advancement of Oceanography (UCAO) in the Department of Oceanography at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. The Uehiro Foundation on Ethics and Education is a public foundation that has as its mission the provision of moral education, international communication, research advancement and other related services. The ascent of ethical research and education is at the heart of the Foundation’s work.


The Uehiro Center for the Advancement of Oceanography is a nexus of consequential support, resources and opportunity for faculty and students engaged in vital oceanographic research. The Center offers a venue where discourse and debate are encouraged as a means to advance research and inform policy.

The Uehiro Center for the Advancement of Oceanography facilitates the realization of research goals detailed in the Department of Oceanography’s (2022-2027) Strategic Plan, which was prepared collaboratively through interviews, surveys and 3 department-wide workshops, involving 123 department members. 

Many of the research questions the Uehiro Center for the Advancement of Oceanography members will address are complementary to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Uehiro Associate Professors, Department faculty and Uehiro Graduate Student Fellows will meet monthly to discuss and advance their research. The new Team will be integrated with established colleagues and existing partnerships of the Department of Oceanography. 

UC•AO symposium

Each year the Uehiro Center for the Advancement of Oceanography will host a symposium. The event will be an opportunity for Uehiro Faculty and Graduate Students to present their research findings and future goals. The symposium will be open to the public.

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