GES Concentration Tracks

In addition to the general track pathway, the Global Environmental Science program offers several concentration tracks (with defined coupled systems courses) in cross-disciplinary environmental science areas. For each of these tracks, the collaborating department and their faculty have agreed to support the major-required research thesis project so that GES students are able to focus both their curricular and research experience in track’s subject material.

  1. Environmental Anthropology – cross-disciplinary with the Department of Anthropology
  2. Environmental Health Sciences – cross-disciplinary with the Office of Public Health Studies
  3. Environmental Planning – cross-disciplinary with the Department of Urban and Regional Planning
  4. Risk Management and Insurance – cross-disciplinary with the Department of Finance (effective Fall 2021)
  5. Sustainability Science – in collaboration with the Hawaiʻi Natural Energy Institute
  6. Sustainable Tourism – cross-disciplinary with the School of Travel Industry Management

GES Honors Track

The Global Environmental Science Honors track trains students to conduct sustained, supervised research in the fields of environmental science. Honors students work closely with a faculty mentor, take Honors courses, write an Honors/GES thesis based on their research and submit the thesis to both Honors and GES programs, and present their finished research at both the Undergraduate Showcase and the GES Symposium to satisfy each program’s requirements.

Students can apply to either Four Year Honors or Upper Division Honors. More information can be found on the Honors Program website.