Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Teacher Education (PBCTE) – Secondary Education (Science)

In collaboration with the College of Education Institute for Teacher Education – Secondary Education, the Global Environmental Science (GES) program offers a combined Bachelor of Science in Global Environmental Science and Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Teacher Education (PBCTE) pathway that helps students earn both degree and license to teach in the State of Hawaii in five years.

Pathway guidelines:

  • Minimum Credits: A minimum of 138 credits total is required for both degrees, including 33 credits PBCTE coursework (inclusive of practicum credits).
  • Double Counting: The following courses (nine total credits) will be double-counted for both GES degree and PBCTE: STE 401, 402H, 440.
  • Electives: EDEF 310 and EDEP 311 taken in the GES degree program will be counted as upper division electives and will also be waived in the PBCTE program. These credits can also be used to fulfill Minor in Education requirements. If these courses were not taken prior to completing the GES degree, participants must take EDEF 610 and EDEP 631.
  • Application: Interested candidates must submit their application via the College of Education application website Mākālei in the fall semester of their senior year (October 1).
    • Students must notify GES and the PBCTE program of their intent to apply for this pathway.
  • Pathway Admission: Once accepted, students will be dually-enrolled in GES and PBCTE in the spring semester of their senior year and begin the double-counted coursework (STE 401, 402H, and 440) with their cohort. Pathway students are considered dual program students.
  • Bachelor’s Degree: The GES degree is conferred after successful completion of all required GES coursework, including meeting the minimum upper division credit requirement (45 credits) for the undergraduate degree (ideally in the 8th semester).


Interested and eligible pathway students will need to be advised appropriately throughout this process by both GES and the COE for their respective degree requirements.

PBCTE advising: Office of Student Academic Services

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Updated July 7, 2023.