SOEST Awards honor teaching excellence

Two honorees, Phillip Thompson and Giuseppe Torri, were selected to receive the SOEST Excellence in Teaching Awards. In recognition of the high quality instruction provided by our faculty, each year the Dean recognizes two instructors who exhibit exemplary teaching. 

Thompson, associate professor of Oceanography and director of the UH Sea Level Center, and Torri, associate professor of Atmospheric Science, were presented with the certificates at an award ceremony on April 10 and will receive a $500 cash award. 

“Although we are a research intensive school, excellence in teaching has always been a goal and a hallmark for SOEST,” said Judy Lemus, interim associate dean for academic affairs in SOEST. “We are very proud to have exceptional instructors like Drs. Torri and Thompson who demonstrate such a deep commitment to their students’ learning journeys.  And we’re delighted to be able to recognize their efforts with these awards.”

Philip Thompson

Students and colleagues expressed these excellent qualities in Thompson’s teaching: “extraordinary leadership in developing and implementing his courses; easy rapport with the students; innovative use of technology; superb job of explaining difficult and complex physical phenomena; patience and dedication to student learning; and generous devotion of time and energy to improve understanding and comprehension.”

Giuseppe Torri

Torri’s instruction was praised by students and colleagues with expressions such as: “exceptional care as advisor and mentor; unwavering dedication to fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment; remarkable ability to translate complex meteorological concepts into understandable and engaging lessons; foster learning environments where curiosity and critical thinking are encouraged; and commitment to extending learning beyond the classroom.”