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UHM Admissions

Undergraduate applications for first-time college students and college transfers from outside of UH Mānoa to all SOEST departments are managed centrally by the UH Mānoa Admissions Office. The admission process and requirements are the same for all undergraduate majors within SOEST.

SOEST Academic Services

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SOEST Academic Services (SAS) provides advising and support for undergraduate students starting their journey in SOEST through graduation. We assist students with general education, university and focus requirements. Please see us for assistance with general questions or inquiries as you begin at UH.

Atmospheric Sciences (BS)

The Atmospheric Sciences degree is designed to prepare a graduate for professional employment as a meteorologist. With the appropriate choice of courses our graduates can satisfy the requirements for civilian employment in the Federal meteorological agencies. A new graduate may choose to continue their education in graduate school, pursue employment in the private sector, be commissioned as a meteorological officer in the Air Force or Navy, or be appointed to a meteorological internship in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Atmospheric Sciences at SOEST (on YouTube)

Atmospheric Sciences Student Research (on YouTube)

Environmental Earth Science (BA)

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The Environmental Earth Science degree is geared toward students who plan to enter the environmental and geotechnical fields upon graduation. It includes a combination of traditional geology topics such as field methods and sedimentology, as well as more applied topics such as hydrogeology, geospatial information, and environmental geochemistry.

Earth Sciences (BS)

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The Earth Sciences degree is designed for students interested in pursuing graduate work or employment in areas related to Earth or Environmental Sciences, geology, geochemistry or geophysics. It provides the essential grounding in computational, analytical, and observational skills needed in the Earth and Environmental sciences. The program is interdisciplinary, emphasizing the integration of chemistry, physics, and mathematics to studying the Earth.

Earth Sciences at UH Mānoa (on YouTube)

Undergraduate Earth Science Degrees at UH Mānoa (on YouTube)

Global Environmental Science (BS)

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The Global Environmental Science degree program offers a holistic, scientific approach to the study of the Earth and Earth’s integrated physical, chemical, biological, and human systems. In the course of their scientific studies, the students investigate natural as well as economic, policy, and social systems and their response to, and interaction with, the Earth system. As an added benefit, GES students also conduct a faculty-mentored research project, write a thesis, and orally present their research results at a public symposium.

Global Environmental Science Student Highlights (on YouTube)

Student Experiences in the Global Environmental Science  (on YouTube)

Program Sheets and Four-Year Plans


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“I chose my major because I took an environmental studies class my senior year in high school.  The class was one of my favorite classes in high school.” 

— SOEST undergraduate