R/V Kilo Moana


Located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, SOEST facilities provide convenient access to active volcanoes, deep ocean habitats, vibrant coral reefs, and the most isolated terrestrial ecosystems in the world.

SOEST faculty and staff are recognized as international leaders in research, innovation, and education on topics as varied as renewable energy, oceanography, coral reef ecology, volcanology, remote sensing, cosmochemistry, tropical meteorology and climate modeling. SOEST is the research powerhouse of the University, generating fully one third of the total extramural funding received at UH Manoa. The School is operational 24/7/365, with programs and people across all the Hawaiian Islands and around the globe.  SOEST faculty work with community groups and agencies at local, state, and federal levels, to perform the fundamental research that underlies policy development in water quality, renewable energy, natural hazard management, climate change impacts, and sustainable ecosystems.

Research Themes