Grants Received (as of October 17, 2019)

(New grant unless amount is designated “supplement”.)


P.I.:           Eric Gaidos

Agency:   NASA

Amount:   $50,000

Title:          A Search for Transient Stellar Dimming in TESS FFI Lightcurves


P.I.:           Brian Powell

Agency:   University of California, Santa Cruz (NOAA)

Amount:   $31,941 (supplement)

Title:          Real-time Monitoring of the Impact of Observing Systems on Ocean Analysis-Forecast Systems in Support of U.S. IOOS


P.I.:           Angelicque White

Agency:   National Science Foundation

Amount:   $790,680 (supplement)

Title:          Hawaii Ocean Time-series (HOT): 2018-2023


P.I.:           Robert Wright

Agency:   NASA

Amount:   $1,160,328 (supplement)

Title:          Hyperspectral Thermal Imager (HyTI)