Grants Received (as of November 29, 2018)

(New grant unless amount is designated “supplement”.)


P.I.:             Eric Decarlo

Agency:     NOAA

Amount:     $19,830 (additional funds)

Title:            Coral Reef CO2 Variations at the Coastal Ocean Hawaii Acidification Network (COHAMN) Impact of Basin Scale Oceanographic Forcing


P.I.:             Dave Karl

Agency:     University of Washington (prime awarding agency: The Simons Foundation)

Amount:     $8,003.81 (carryover)

Title:            Model-driven Investigations of Ocean Transition Zones


P.I.:             Gregory Moore

Agency:     NSF (via Columbia University)

Amount:     $13,000 (supplement)

Title:            USSSP Office Associated with the International Ocean Discovery Program (PEA Exp #372)


P.I.:             Shiv Sharma

Agency:     JPL

Amount:     $26,125 (supplement)

Title:            SuperCam: Active and Reflectance Mineralogy, Astrobiology, Chemistry, and Imaging at Remote Distances


P.I.:             Angelicque White

Agency:     Simons Foundation thru UH Foundation

Amount:     $294,368 (supplement)

Title:            Simons Collaboration on Ocean Processes and Ecology – Investigator Award – Angelicque White