Robert H. Richmond

  • Researcher and Director, Kewalo Marine Laboratory

Contact Info

  • Telephone(s):
  • (808) 539-7330 (808) 599-4817
  • Office(s):
  • Kewalo Lab 102

My research interests are in the area of marine conservation biology, with a focus on coral reefs. My research programs include studies of coral reproductive biology, ecotoxicology, coral reef ecology, the impacts of climate change and bridging sound science to policy development and implementation. I have spent the majority of my professional career studying coral reefs in Micronesia, Hawaiʻi, Japan, Central America, the Galapagos Islands and the Caribbean. My research involves both field and laboratory studies and ranges from molecules to ecosystems. I try to strike a balance between basic and applied research, working to use research results towards the management and preservation of tropical marine ecosystems and marine biodiversity. I work closely with marine resource managers, elected and traditional leaders, stakeholders and community-based organizations and have active programs mentoring students and supporting public outreach and education.