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Ocean and Resources Engineering 50th Anniversary

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Clockwise from bottom left: Dr. Alexander Malahoff (Professor Emeritus – Oceanography; Former Director – Hawai‘i Undersea Research Laboratory), Dr. Kwok Fai Cheung (Professor – Ocean and Resources Engineering), and Dr. Hans-Jurgen Krock (Professor Emeritus & Researcher – Ocean and Resources Engineering) at the ORE 50th anniversary event. Photo courtesy of Dr. Tom Fedenczuk.

[Text from Kāpili Winter 2016 Newsletter]

On Saturday, November 12, the Department of Ocean and Resources Engineering (ORE), at SOEST commemorated its 50th Anniversary with a dinner event at the Waikīkī Aquarium. Over 150 alumni, faculty, staff, students, donors, and friends came together for the occasion and to celebrate the impact ORE and its graduates have had on the Hawaiian Islands and the world.

“Hawai‘i’s dependence on the ocean for resources, transportation, and recreation make ORE an essential field for UH to excel in scholarship and workforce training,” said SOEST Dean Dr. Brian Taylor.

As evidence of ORE’s connection to the community, the event was sponsored by long-time partners of the department: EKNA Services Inc., Navatek Ltd., and Sea Engineering, Inc. Makai Ocean Engineering made a donation to support ORE graduate students in honor of the department’s 50th anniversary.

“These companies have been a big part of ORE’s success over the years, and are an example of what ORE graduates can accomplish for the state of Hawai‘i,” says Dr. Eva-Marie Nosal, chair of the Ocean and Resources Engineering department. “We are very grateful for their support, and were glad to honor them along with our alumni, students, faculty, and friends as we celebrated ORE’s accomplishments over the past 50 years.”

Thank you to everyone who attended and who have been a part of ORE’s half-century of success! We look forward to many more opportunities to celebrate with you as ORE moves into the future.

See images of the celebration in our Facebook gallery.

Ocean and Resources Engineering 50th Anniversary