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Cooperating Graduate Faculty

ORE has a number of cooperating faculty members from other research or academic units at UH. Cooperating faculty members give seminars on their research, serve on student research committees, and advise students on their theses or independent research projects.

Monique Chyba, PhD, Department of Mathematics
Control theory, Optimal control, Trajectory design, Differential Geometry, Underwater Vehicle

Patrick Cross, PhD, Hawaii Natural Energy Institute
Meteorology, oceanography, wave energy, renewable energy generation

Oceana Francis, PhD, PE, Department of Civil Engineering
Coastal infrastructure, sustainable water and wastewater systems, ocean waves

Reza Ghorbani, PhD, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Director: Renewable Energy Design Laboratory

Brian T. Glazer, PhD, Department of Oceanography
Subseafloor Biosphere, Coastal Benthic Boundary Layer, Instrumentation Development

J. Yu, PhD, Hawai‘i Natural Energy Institute
Marine bioproducts

Frankie Zhu, PhD, Hawai‘i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology
Dynamics, controls, systems engineering, machine learning

Affiliate Graduate Faculty

ORE has several affiliate faculty members from the engineering and scientific communities. Affiliate faculty members volunteer their time and bring individual expertise, external perspectives and real-world engineering experience to the academic program. Some of them serve on student research committees and team-teach the capstone design project with the ORE faculty.

E. Briggs, PhD
Senior Scientist at Aquatic Labs

R. Cengiz Ertekin, PhD
Professor (retired), Ocean and Resources Engineering
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

B. Dandridge Greeson, PhD
Nuclear Engineer, Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard

Pina Gruden, PhD
Cetacean Acoustic Researcher, ORE and CIMAR

Geno Pawlak, PhD
Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Dept.
University of California San Diego

David Rezachek, PhD, PE
Rezachek & Associates, Honolulu, Hawaii

David Smith, PhD, PE
Senior Coastal Engineer, Sea Engineering, Waimanalo, Hawai‘i

John R. Smith, PhD
Marine survey

Lora Van Uffelen, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Ocean Engineering
University of Rhode Island

Dayan Vithanage, PhD, PE
Vice President, Oceanit Laboratories, Inc., Honolulu, Hawai‘i

Adjunct Faculty

Ben Jones, PhD
Director of Data and Modeling and Associate Director
Applied Research Laboratory, University of Hawaiʻi

Suk Wang Yoon, PhD
Adjunct Professor of Ocean & Resources Engineering
Underwater Acoustics, Acoustic Roles of Bubbles in Sound Propagation at Sea, Nonlinear Acoustics, Ocean Sediment Acoustics, Ambient Sound in the Ocean, Physical Acoustic Characterization, Biomedical Acoustic Applications

Emeritus Faculty

Hans-Jurgen Krock, PhD
Ludwig H. Seidl, PhD
John C. Wiltshire, PhD