Jonas Behnen
PhD student with Prof. Gedikli (FSI Lab)
Ice-structure interactions, ice material model, numerical simulation, reduced-order modeling, machine learning
Surfing, hiking, traveling

Griffin Bourjeaurd
MS student
Wave energy, desalination, mineral extraction from seawater
Spending time in nature, music, reading

Wyatt Burkley
MS student with Prof. Garces
Surfing, free diving

Norman Chung
MS student with Prof. Krieg
Oceanography, oceanographic engineering, renewable wave energy, underwater robotics
Weightlifting, cooking, spinning poi

Catharine Creadick
MS student
Coastal morphology, beach erosion, nature-based engineering
Outrigger paddling, diving, traveling

Jacob Dennis

Cami Dillon
MS student
Coastal engineering
Scuba diving, hiking, traveling

Matthew Feeley
MS student
Coastal resilience, underwater unmanned vehicles
Surfing, beach volleyball, other sports, linkedin profile

Clara Encke
MS student
Renewable energy
Hiking, sailing, traveling, art

George Evans
MS student with Dr. Krieg
Underwater robotics, fluid-body interactions
Biking, fabrication, eriting, sketching

Gary Glass Jr.
MS student with Prof. Krieg
Robotics, autonomous underwater vehicles
Running, hiking

Jesse Gray
MS student with Prof. Stopa
Ocean renewables
Guitar, philosophy, chess

Brady Halvorson
PhD student with Prof. Huang
Water modeling in coastal environments, breakwater design, wave energy conversion
Bouldering, weightlifting, snorkeling

Elizabeth Hauschild
MS student with Prof. Huang
Wave energy conversion, nearshore processes
Sailing, surfing, reading

Lauren Heslop
MS student with Prof. Krieg
Ocean renewable energy
Swimming,  yoga, hiking

Shijie Huang
PhD student with Prof. Huang
Wave energy conversion, nearshore processes
Basketball, cooking

Tyler Inkley
PhD student with Prof. Krieg
Biomimetics, robotics, underwater vehicles
Diving, music, rugby

Prajna Jandial
MS student with Prof. Nosal & Prof. Zhu
Robotics, acoustics, machine learning, adaptive sampling
Diving, cooking, painting

Jomphol (Jom) Lamoonkit
MS student with Prof. Briggs
Autonomous sensors, OceanCDR
Surfing, scuba diving, trekking

Kei Manabe
PhD student with Prof. Nosal
Ocean acoustics, underwater soundscapes, machine learning
Music, outdoor activities, Japanese chess

Kei Manabe

Gabe Nelson

Zach Niezgodki
MS student
Waterfront structures, port construction
Lifting weights, scuba diving, kayaking

Kyle Pappas
MS student with Prof. Gedikli
Wave energy conversion, renewable energy 
Board games, painting, photography

Grant Peel
MS student with Prof. Gedikli
Offshore & coastal engineering
Fishing, hiking

Meysam Rajabi
PhD student with Prof. Gedikli (FSI Lab)
Fluid-structure interaction, marine renewable energy, data science and nonlinear time series analysis, machine learning

Clint Reyes
PhD student with Prof. Huang
Coastal engineering, coral reef hydrodynamics, marine renewable energy
Ultimate frisbee, rock climbing, running

William Robert
PhD student with Prof. Cheung
Tsunami, seismology, ocean acoustics

Edward Samson
PhD student with Prof. Francis (CHER Lab)
Sustainability, bio-inspired engineering, robust control, system identification, estimation and filtering, fourier analysis

Merritt Shephard
MS student
Coastal engineering
Surfing, hiking, diving

Guilherme Silva
MS student with Prof. Briggs
Sensors, ocean structures
Diving, sailing, cooking

Bethany Stafford
MS student
Coastal engineering
Endurance sports (running, trail running, triathlon), adventure sports (anything mountains, skiing, rock climbing), art

Dylan Stegman

Eliza Taylor
MS student
Underwater acoustics, passive acoustic monitoring
Sailing, skiing, hiking, swimming, pickleball

Nic Ulm
PhD student with Prof. Huang
Wave energy conversion, offshore renewable energy
Rock climbing, salsa dancing, backpacking

Nic Ulm

Charlotte White
MS student with Prof. Huang
Nearshore/coastal engineering
Cooking, hiking, traveling

Steven Wilhelm
MS student

Xinyi Zhang
MS student with Prof. Huang
Coastal Engineering
Traveling, hiking, reading, music