Ceci Rodriguez Cruz, MFin, PMP

Project Manager, Joint Task Force, SMART Cable International Project Office
Program management, fundraising, subsea SMART cable
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Pina Gruden, PhD

Cetacean Acoustic Researcher
Passive acoustic monitoring of marine life
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Pina Gruden

Ning Li, PhD

Ocean Wave Model Systems Specialist
Numerical Wave Modeling; Coastal Inundation; Wave Energy Resource Assessment; Impact of Climate Change on Ocean Wave conditions
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ningli@hawaii.edu, HIG 332, (808) 956-6448

Ning Li

Ayrton Alfonso Medina Rodriguez, PhD

ARL Postdoctoral Researcher
Fluid mechanics, water wave mechanics, marine renewable energy
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Emad Makki, PhD

Visiting Professor
Dynamic Events, Applied Mechanics, Advanced Materials, Experimental Mechanics, Composite Structures, Materials Engineering, and Sustainability
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