Details regarding advising, coursework, timelines and other program requirements and procedures can be found in the (all important!)

 ORE Guide to Graduate Studies and Research (PDF)

MS students choose one of 4 option areas: coastal, offshore, resources, or oceanographic engineering. The ORE program at the MS level has the following requirements:

  • Pre-program
  • MS General Exam
  • Core, option-area, and elective courses and
  • MS thesis and defense (Plan A) or independent project and presentation (Plan B)

PhD student are required to achieve a broad understanding of the principal areas of ORE, as well as a thorough understanding of their research area. Students are expected to have knowledge related to fundamental engineering courses as well as the to the core courses of the ORE MS degree. Doctoral students are also encouraged to take courses relevant to their research interests. The ORE program at the PhD level has the following requirements:

  • PhD qualifying exam
  • An advanced mathematics course at the graduate level and ORE 792 Seminar
  • PhD comprehensive exam, and
  • PhD dissertation and defense