The Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Global Environmental Science, University of Hawaii at Manoa
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GES Staff

Kristin Momohara
Student Services Specialist
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Sharrese Castillo
Student Services Support
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Michael Guidry, PhD
Undergraduate Chair
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GES Faculty

    Janet M. Becker Geophysical fluid dynamics, nonlinear waves and stability, coastal processes, general ocean circulation

    Dave Beilman Department of Geography. Long-term terrestrial ecology, paleoscience approaches to global change science, carbon cycling

    Robert R. Bidigare Bio-optical oceanography, pigment biochemistry, plankton metabolism

    Barbara Bruno Planetary geosciences, geoscience education

    Steven Businger Mesoscale and synoptic meteorology

    Glenn S. Carter Physical oceanography, ocean mixing, internal tides, underwater ocean gliders

    Matthew J. Church Microbial oceanography, aquatic nitrogen cycling, and microbial physiology

    Antony D. Clarke (Emeritus) Physical and chemical properties of aerosol in remote troposphere, aircraft studies of aerosol in free troposphere

    Michael Cooney Hawaii Natural Energy Institute. Anaerobic digestion of high strength wastewaters, development of next generation biofilm carriers for use in packed bed anaerobic digesters, solvent based bio-oil exraction from biomass

    Eric H. DeCarlo Aquatic chemistry, metals and their anthropogenic inputs, transformations, fate and transport, sedimentary geochemistry, marine minerals

    Jonathan Deenik College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR). Soil fertility and soil quality, nitrogen and carbon cycling in agroecosystems, traditional agroecosystems, biochar and sustainable agriculture

    Steven J. Dollar Biogeochemistry, nearshore processes and effects of human activity on the coastal zone

    Jeffrey C. Drazen Physiological ecology of marine fishes, energetics and tropodynamics, deep-sea biology, adaptations of fishes to the deep-sea

    Aly El-Kadi Hydrogeology, modeling groundwater systems

    R. Cengiz Ertekin Hydrodynamics, computational methods, offshore and coastal engineering, oil-spill spreading, fishpond circulation, ocean renewable energy

    Eric Firing Ocean circulation and currents on all scales, with emphasis on observation sand dynamics

    Pierre J. Flament Surface ocean layer dynamics, mesoscale circulation structures of the ocean, remote sensing of the sea surface

    Charles H. Fletcher Quaternary and coastal marine geology, sea-level history, coastal sedimentary processes

    Patricia Fryer Marine geology, petrology, tectonics

    Eric Gaidos Molecular evolution; microbiology of extreme environments; biosphere-climate feedbacks; critical intervals in Earth history; exobiology; biological networks

    Michael O. Garcia Volcanology, igneous petrology, geochemistry

    Thomas W. Giambelluca Department of Geography. Interactions between the atmosphere and the land surface, including influences of land use and land cover change on climate and surface hydrology and effects on global climate change on hydrologic processes and terrestrial ecology

    Brian T. Glazer Biogeochemical processes in marine environments; use of molecular methods to characterize and understand synergy of geomicrobiology

    Craig R. Glenn Paleoceanography, marine geology, sedimentology, sediment diagenesis

    Erica Goetze Marine zooplankton ecology; dispersal and gene flow in marine plankton populations; evolution, behavioral ecology and systematics of marine calanoid copepods

    E. Gordon Grau Environmental physiology and comparative endocrinology of fish

    Michael Hamnet Coastal zone management, fiseries economics, disaster preparedness and mitigation

    David T. Ho Air-water gas exchange, tracer oceanography, carbon cycle, and environmental geochemistry

    Paul Kemp Growth, activity and diversity of marine microbes, biosensor applications in microbial oceanography, molecular ecology of marine bacteria

    Denise Eby Konan Department of Economics. International trade, microeconomics, computational economics

    Kem Lowry Department of Urban and Regional Planning. Design, planning and evaluation of ocean and coastal management programs. Experience in Hawaii, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Thailand

    Roger Lukas (Emeritus) Physical oceanography, interannual and decadal climate variability.

    Fred T. Mackenzie (Emeritus) Geochemistry, biogeochemical cycling, global environmental change, Program Coordinator for GES

    Stephen J. Martel Engineering and structural geology

    Margaret A. McManus Descriptive physical oceanography, coupled physical-biological numerical models; development of ocean observing sytems

    Gary M. McMurtry Geochemistry, geology and geophysics

    Christopher Measures Trace element geochemistry, hydrothermal systems, elemental mass balances

    Mark D. Merlin Biogeography, natural history of the Pacific

    Mark A. Merrifield Physical oceanography, coastal circulation, sea level variability, current flows and mixing in the vicinity of coral reefs, islands and seamounts

    Tomoaki Miura Remote sensing of terrestrial vegetation, GIS

    Gregory Moore Marine geophysics, structural geology

    Camilo Mora Global patterns and processes on marine and terrestrial biodiversity, policy and management conservation, drivers of environmental change

    Michael J. Mottl Hydrothermal processes, geochemical cycles

    Peter Mouginis-Mark Volcanology from space, remote sensing of natural hazards

    Peter K. Müller Ocean circulation, waves and turbulence

    Anna Neuheimer Quantitative ecology of fish and aquatic invertebrate populations, with applications to evolutionary biology, physiology, ecosystem dynamics, resource management, and climate issues

    Brian N. Popp Isotope biogeochemistry, organic geochemistry

    John N. Porter Atmospheric science, use of satellites to study aerosol and cloud forcing, ship measurements of aerosol and cloud optical properties

    Brian S. Powell Numerical modeling and variational data assimilation, ocean predictability, ocean circulation and ecosystem dynamics

    Michael Rappe Ecology of marine microorganisms; genomics; coral-associated microorganisms; ecology of microorganisms in the deep subsurface

    Greg Ravizza Paleoceanography and environmental chemistry; geologic history of chemical weathering; geochemistry of recent and ancient metalliferous sediments; anthropogenic influences on the geochemical cycles of the platinum group elements; chemical signatures of extra terrestrial matter in marine sediments; biogeochemistry of molybdenum in the marine environment

    Kelvin Richards Observations and modeling of ocean processes, ocean dynamics, ocean atmosphere interaction, ecosystem dynamics

    Mark A. Ridgley Resource management and human-environment system analysis

    James Roumasset Department of Economics. Environmental economics and sustainable growth

    Ken Rubin Isotope geochemistry, chronology

    Kathleen Ruttenberg Biochemistry of phosphorus and phosphorus cycling in the ocean, rivers, and lakes; nutrient limitation of aquatic primary productivity; effects of redox chemistry on nutrient cycling; early diagenesis in marine sediments with focus on authigenic mineral formation and organic matter mineralization

    Francis J. Sansone Suboxic/anoxic diagenesis in sediments, hydrothermal geochemistry, lava-seawater interactions, trace gas geochemistry

    Niklas Schneider Decadal climate variability, tropical air-sea interaction, coupled modeling

    Jane Schoonmaker Sedimentary geochemistry and diagenesis; paleoenvironment and paleoclimate sedimentary records

    Shiv K. Sharma Atmospheric instrumentation and remote sensing, Lidar, Raman, and infrared spectrometry and fiber-optic environmental sensors

    Craig R. Smith Benthic and ecology, deep-sea biology, sediment geochemistry, climate-change effects on Antarctic ecosystems, marine conservation

    Grieg F. Steward Aquatic microbial ecology, molecular ecology and diversity of viruses and bacteria

    Axel L. Timmermann Coral bleaching, stability of the thermohaline circulation, stochastic climate modeling, nonlinear statistics, detection of greenhouse warming

    Bin Wang Atmospheric and climate dynamics

    Kevin Weng Behavior, migration and habitat use of sharks and fishes, oceanography of key habitats of pelagic nekton, fishery management and conservation

    John Wiltshire Marine minerals, mine tailings, disposal and remediation and submersible engineering and operations

    Richard Zeebe Global biogeochemical cycles, carbon dioxide system in seawater and interrelations with marine plankton, paleoceanography, stable isotope geochemistry


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