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Cost Price Reasonableness(Word.docx)
Mileage Reimbursement(for trips from 1/1/2024; pdf)
Mileage Reimbursement(for trips through 12/31/2023; pdf)
Non-Employee Expense Payment Form(undated, posted 01-05-17; pdf)
PO Requisition(revised 10-01-22; Excel.xlsx)
Reimbursement for Cash Purchases(updated 10-01-22; pdf)
Sole Source Justification(Word.docx)
Timesheet(revised 11-17-22; pdf)
Travel Request(revised 10-01-22; pdf)
Travel Completion(revised 10-01-22; pdf)
University-of-Hawai’i-WH-1(for 2024; added 12-18-23; pdf)
University of Hawai’i WH-1(for 2023; added 12-13-22; pdf)

Note: When submitting purchasing requests to the CIMAR office, please attach the electronic form(s) to the email.

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