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Protected Species

Camryn Allen (JIMAR/PIFSC), Sydney Gaylor, Lindsey Peavey-Reeves, Tomo Eguchi, Todd Jones, Jeff Seminoff

“First sex ratio of immature and adult olive Ridley sea turtles foraging in the high-seas of the Pacific: Establishing baselines for climate change research”

Kym Yano (JIMAR/PIFSC), Erin Oleson, Marie Hill, Jennifer McCullough, Marc Lammers

“A late-season survey reveals large numbers of humpback whales in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands”

Poster Unavailable

Ann Allen (NOAA/PIFSC), Erin Oleson, Carrie Wall Bell, Matt Harvey

“Machine Learning Methods for Acoustic Events”

Fabien Vivier (HIMB/JIMAR), Amanda Bradford, Marie Hill, Erin Oleson, Kym Yano, Aude Pacini, Cormac Booth, Julie Rocho-Levine, Lars Bejder

“Calibrating Unoccupied Aerial System (UAS) photogrammetry to derive delphinid population demographic parameters”

Mark Royer (HIMB)

“Biologging reveals a potential marine mammal-like dive reflex in scalloped hammerhead sharks”

Poster Unavailable


Audrey Rollo (NOAA/PIFSC), Dianna Miller, Jeremy Taylor, Christopher Demarke, Jacob Asher, Benjamin L. Richards, and Ruhul Amin

“82° to 360°: MOUSS vs. Moana 360 observations of Hawaii bottomfish”

Sarah Wong (UH SSRI/JIMAR)

“Estimating price elasticity of demand for the Honolulu Fish Auction”

Poster Unavailable

Ben Richards (NOAA/PIFSC)

“Leveraging Advanced Technologies to Improve Marine Resource Surveys”

Toby Matthews (HIMB/JIMAR)

“Data-limited approaches to coral reef fishery monitoring and management”

Jennifer Stahl (JIMAR/PIFSC) and Matthew J. Carnes

“Electronic Monitoring in the Hawaii-based Pacific Longline Fisheries”

Jake Asher (JIMAR/PIFSC), Ivor Williams, Dianna Miller-Greene, William Misa, Audrey Rollo, and Euan Harvey

“A deeper examination of mesophotic reefs, community shifts, and fishery-targeted species domains around Guam”

Richard Coleman (HIMB), Derek Kraft, Rob Toonen, Brian Bowen

“From spawning to settlement: Identifying fine-scale connectivity in the Convict Tang, Acanthurus triostegus, across O‘ahu”


Taylor Souza (JIMAR/PIFSC), Megan Moews-Asher

“Defining Large Marine Ecosystems (LME) in the Pacific Islands Region: the Marianas LME”

James Morioka (JIMAR/PIFSC), Rhonda Suka, Tomoko Acoba

“UAV, 3-D, and Buoys: Innovative Technologies for DFG Detection, Impact, and Movement”

Gabrielle Stedman (UH OCN), Olivier Laroche, Craig Smith, Erica Goetze

“Understanding abyssal community biodiversity and microplastic pollution”

Molly Timmers (JIMAR/HIMB), Rob Toonen, Rusty Brainard

“Metabarcoding the hidden diversity on coral reefs”

Kirsten Poff (UH OCN), Jessica Bryant, Benedetto Barone, Dave Karl, Ed DeLong

“Bacterial community structure of mesoscale eddies: A comparison in the NPSG”

Poster Unavailable

Ali Bayless (JIMAR/PIFSC), James Morioka, Mark Sullivan, Jeff Kuwabara

“Communicating science in the Pacific Islands Region”