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Ecological Forecasting

Research under this theme will lead to improved forecasting of the frequency and magnitude of the variability of ecosystem processes within the Pacific Islands region. This research includes monitoring and extensive use of current and past environmental, ecological, and socioeconomic data; large-scale environmental and ecological studies as well as focused process studies for understanding ecosystem functions and change; and, model development, parameterization, and verification. Forecasting will address issues related to human health (e.g., beach closings, fish contaminants, and harmful algal blooms), fish recruitment and productivity, and protected species sustainability and recovery, all of which will be used in the assessment and management of living marine resources and their habitats. Research under this theme will also improve understanding of the causes of climate variability and its effects on ecosystems. Research is often interdisciplinary and involves the physical, natural, and social sciences. Research will identify and elucidate interactions between humans and other ecosystem components at local and regional levels.

Open Source ADMB Project

The general purpose of the Automatic Differentiation Model Builder (ADMB) Open Source Project is to maintain and improve the AD Model Builder software package as free, open-source software. ADMB is currently used by all NOAA Fishery Science Centers to create stock assessment tools. Specifically, the project aims to (1) improve and maintain software installation and documentation so that end-users can successfully install and use the software; (2) improve existing software quality; (3) implement new features to to improve run-times and resource efficiency in model development; (4) improve maintainability of the source code to improve the accessibility of software development; (5) update source code to modern ISO/IEC C++ standards; and (6) port the source code to build on the new compilers and processors. The project maintains a long-term goal to outreach and support ADMB software through an active and committed group of users and developers located in laboratories and universities in the U.S.A. and around the world. Read more in the Annual Reports.    
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