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Oahu, which consists of the eroded remains of two connected volcanoes, covers 1554 sq. km and reaches a height of 1227 m at Mount Kaala. Located at 21 degrees 30’N, 157 degrees 55’W , has 180 km of shoreline and an estimated reef area of 504 sq. km (Hawaii Coral Reef Network). Oahu, by far the most densely populated of the island, had 836,231 residents in 1990 (three quarters of the state’s population), mainly concentrated on the south shore. Like all of the Main Hawaiian Islands, it is considered a high island and contributes significant nutrient and sediment runoff to coastal waters. The island’s dense population and commercial infrastructure increases the amount of sediment and nutrient runoff, and contributes to the runoff of polluting chemicals. Oahu has 0.82 sq. km (82 hectares) of marine protected areas.

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