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All NOAA Pacific Island Fisheries Science Center cruise reports may be viewed from the NOAA PIFSC Cruise Reports web page . The following are cruises that PIBHMC participated in.

  • R/V Hi‘ialakai Cruise Reports
    • HI-05-01. 4-23 Apr 2005. Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.
    • HI-05-04. 13 Jun – 7 Jul 2005. Main Hawaiian Islands.
    • HI-05-08. 11-31 October 2005. Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, Maro Reef.
    • HI-06-01. 15 Jan – 6 Feb 2006. Johnston Atoll, Howland and Baker Islands (U.S. Phoenix Islands).
    • HI-06-02. 09 Feb – 10 Mar2006. American Samoa Archipelago: Swains Island, Tutuila/Aunuu Islands/Taiema Bank, Manua Islands (Olosega, Ofu, Tau), and Rose Atoll
    • HI-06-04. 15 Mar – 08 Apr 2006. Jarvis Island, Palmyra Atoll, and Kingman Reef National Wildlife Refuges.
    • HI-06-05.Pt I: 19-24 Apr 2006. South shore Oahu, Penguin Bank.
      Pt II: 28 Apr – 11 May 2006. Penguin Bank, north shore Molokai, Lanai, northwest coast Big Island.
    • HI-06-09. 23 June – 20 July 2006. Kure and Pearl and Hermes Atolls, NWHI National Marine Monument and Hanalei Bay, Kauai.
    • HI-06-12. 10-29 Oct 2006. Middle Brooks Bank, W. Brooks Bank, St. Rogatien Bank, W. Nihoa Bank, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (NWHI).
    • HI-06-14.8-13 November 2006. Kalohi, Pailolo, and Auau Channels between the Islands of Maui County and the west coast of Hawaii Island.
    • HI-07-01.19 April – 9 May 2007. Wake Atoll
    • HI-07-02.12-22 May 2007. Guam and Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands: Rota, Aguijan, Tinian, Saipan
    • HI-07-03.25 May – 9 June 2007. Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands: Anatahan, Sarigan, Zealandia Bank, Guguan, Alamagan, Pagan, Agrihan, Asuncion, Maug, Supply Reef, Uracas (or Farallon de Pajaros)
    • HI-08-04 2-29 May 2008. Necker Island, French Frigate Shoals (FFS), and Brooks Banks, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument (PMNM)
  • R/V Oscar Elton Sette Cruise Reports
    • OES-05-13.12-30 Oct 2005. Wake Atoll.
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Cruise Reports
  • Small Boat Mission Reports
  • R/V Falkor Mission Reports

The Coral Reef Ecosystem Division has completed the final report of thier study’s results from their expedtions of American Samoa in 2002, 2004, and 2006; and It is now and available online.

The Hawaii Mapping Research Group at the University of Hawaii and NOAA PIFSC’s Coral Reef Ecosystem Division partnered on this multibeam mission to the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.