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The Masters of Science and Doctoral programs in Earth and Planetary Sciences (EPS) are focused primarily on learning advanced methodologies and critical thinking by conducting focused research, supplemented by specialized elective course work in numerous topical areas. Degree programs are centered around one of 3 disciplinary cores that foster research reflecting the inter-disciplinary nature of the Earth Sciences department and SOEST in general (geophysics and tectonics, marine and environmental geology, and volcanology/geochemistry/petrology). In addition, EPS degrees focusing on planetary science, remote sensing, and mineral physics are pursued with advisors in DES or HIGP. Students have access to a wide array of field sites, and world-class laboratory, computing, and ship-based research facilities.

Students with EPS graduate degrees (both MS and PhD) can look forward to interesting research careers in industry, government, or in colleges and universities. The intellectual rewards of basic geosciences research are comparable to such other exciting fields as biomedical research, particle physics, and cosmology. There are many exciting geoscience frontiers and challenges for the future including learning to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, understanding the causes and effects of natural hazards, past and future climates, and the forces that move the surface plates of Earth, unraveling the history of Earth land masses and its oceans, and discovering the history of nearby planets like Mars.

The Professional Master's in Geoscience (MGeo) provides post-baccalaureate training and practical experience in applied geoscience, but has been discontinued due to low enrollment and folded into our MS coursework ("Plan B") degree. Prospective MGeo students interested a career in a variety of fields including geological and environmental consulting, geotechnical engineering, hydrology, natural hazard mitigation, climate change adaption, natural resource exploration, and renewable energy development,should apply to the .

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