Earth Sciences Student Dissertations - Doctor of Philosophy

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This list is not comprehensive, but provides examples from students who agreed to post their work.





2020, December Caplan, Caroline E. The Jurassic Meteorite Flux: A Record From Extraterrestrial Chrome-Spinels .pdf
2020, December McKenzie, Trista Multi-Tracer Approaches for Groundwater Discharge and Anthropogenic Pollution in the Pacific .pdf
2020, August Egan, Miles Character of Signal and Noise Sources in Dispersive and Static Fourier Transform Remote-Sensing Raman Spectrometers .pdf
2020, August Sandford, Macey Innovative Remote Spectroscopic Techniques for Planetary Exploration .pdf
2020, July Sun, Lingzhi Lunar Geology Survey with Remote Sensing and Apollo Samples .pdf
2020, March Costello, Emily S. Impact Impacts on the Moon, Mercury, and Europa .pdf
2019, December Anderson, Alyssa N. Kīlauea Volcano Deformation and Lava Flow Dynamics .pdf
2019, December Corley, Laura Understanding the Composition and Evolution of the Lunar Surface Through Laboratory Space Weathering Simulations and Remote Sensing .pdf
2019, December Habel, Shellie Sea-Level Rise Flooding and Related Impacts: Primary Urban Core, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi .pdf
2019, October Honniball, Casey Infrared Sensing of Volatile Components on the Earth and Moon .pdf
2019, May Asmar-Toro, Karina Modernizing Infrasound Systems: Characterization and Analytics Approaches for the Next-Generation Sensors .pdf
2019, May Kane, Haunani H. Coastal Evolution of Pacific Islands in Response to Sea Level Change During the Mid-Holocene .pdf
2019, May Lai, Xiaojing Carbon in Deep Earth From High-Pressure and High Temperature Studies of the FE-C System .pdf
2019, May Shuler, Christopher K. From Recharge to Reef: Assessing the Sources, Quantity, and Transport of Groundwater on Tutuila Island, American Samoa .pdf
2019, March Lackey, Jason K. Tectonic Influences on Surficial Processes and Deformation Along the Nankai Accretionary Prism, Southwest Japan .pdf
2018, December Hu, Yi Metastable Pyroxenes and Their Role in the Subduction Process .pdf
2018, December Mitchell, Samuel J. Deep Submarine Silicic Volcanism: Conduit and Eruptive Dynamics of the 2012 Havre Eruption .pdf
2018, December Shelton, Hannah L. Compressional Behavior of Hydrogen-Bonded Crystals: Anhydrous Comparisons and Polymorphism .pdf
2018, August Bonny, Estelle Multi-Decadal Space-Based Observations of Basaltic Effusive Eruptions from Modis Infrared Data .pdf
2018, May Cameron, Marissa E. Morphological Mapping and Tidal Stress Modeling of Strike-Slip Faults on Ganymede .pdf
2018, April Gabrieli, Andrea Remote Measurements of Volcanic Gases Using Thermal Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging .pdf
2017, December Isgett, Samantha Conduit and Eruption Dynamics of the 1912 Vulcanian Explosions at Novarupta, Alaska .pdf
2017, August Finlayson, Valerie A. Investigations of Southwest Pacific Intraplate and Backarc Volcanism Using Traditional and Non-Traditional Isotopes .pdf
2017, May Ballmer, Silke Ambient Seismic Noise Interferometry on the Island of Hawai`i


2017, May First, Emily C. Magmatic Environments and Timescales: Experimental Studies on Maritan Basal and Terrestial Dacite .pdf
2017, May Lynn, Kendra J. Compositional Zoning in Kilauea Olivine: A Geochemical Tool for Investigating Magmatic Processes at Hawaiian Volcanoes .pdf
2017, May Sleeper, Jonathan D. Tectonic and Magmatic Controls on Extension and Crustal Accretion in Backarc Basins, Insights from the Lau Basin and Southern Mariana Trough .pdf
2016, Dec Howell, Samuel M. Faulting and Deformation at Divergent and Transform Plate Bounderies .pdf
2016, Aug Acosta-Maeda, Tayro E. Raman Spectroscopy for Planetary Exploration and Characterization of Extraterestrial Materials .pdf
2016, Aug Fackrell, Joseph K. Geochemical Evolution of Hawaiian Groundwater .pdf
2016, Aug Lemelin, Myriam The Composition of the Lunar Crust: An In-Depth Remote Sensing View .pdf
2016, May Janebo, Maria Helena Historical Explosive Eruptions of Helka and Askja Volcanoes Iceland: Eruptions Dynamics and Source Parameters .pdf
2016, May Weiss, Jonathan R. The Bolivian Subandes and Beyond: Linking Wedge Deformation Processes Across Multiple Timescales .pdf
2015, Dec Boston, Brian Plate to Backstop: A Geophysical Investigation of Two Japanese Subduction Zones, from the Outer Rise to the Forearc Slope .pdf
2015, Dec Orr, Tim R. Studies of Recent Eruptive Phenomena at Kilauea Volcano .pdf
2015, Aug Jilly, Christine E. Timescales and Conditions for the Aqueous Alteration of Chondrites .pdf
2015, Aug Telus, Myriam Developing The 60Fe-60Ni System for Early Solar System Chronology .pdf
2015, May Robinson, Katharine L. Water in Evolved Lunar Rocks .pdf
2014, Dec Gasda, Patrick J. The Aqueous Alteration of Carbon-Bearing Phases in CR Carbonaceous Chondrites .pdf
2014, Dec Trang, David A Remote Analysis of the Lunar Landscape .pdf
2014, Aug Colman, Alice Effects of Variable Magma Supply on Magma Resovoirs and Eruption Characteristics Along the Gálapagos Spreading Center .pdf
2014, May Crites, Sarah C. Interactions of Galactic Cosmic Rays With the Lunar Surface .pdf
2014, May Rumpf, Elise M. Lava-Substrate Heat Transfer: Implications for the Preservation of Volatiles in the Lunar Regolith .pdf
2013, Dec Aryal, Arjun Landslide deformation character inferred from terrestrial laser scanner data .pdf
2013, Aug Anderson, Tiffany R. Shoreline Data Analysis .pdf
2013, May Parcheta, Carolyn Weak-Intensity, Basaltic, Explosive Volcanism: Dynamics of Hawaiian Fountains .pdf
2013, May Romine, Bradley M. Historical Shoreline Changes on Beaches of the Hawaiian Islands with Relation to Human Impacts, Sea Level, and Other Influences on Beach Dynamics .pdf
2012, Dec Niekerk, Deon van Petrology of Enstatite Chondrites and Anomalous Enstatite Achondrites .pdf
2012, Aug Kelly, Jacque L. Identification and Quantification of Submarine Groundwater Discharge in the Hawaiian Islands .pdf
2011, Dec Brugger, Carrie R. Crystallization of Hydrous Rhyodacite Magma During Continous Decompression. .pdf
2011, Dec Chandler, Miachael T. Tectonic History of the Greater Ontong Java Plateau and Errata-Based Correction of Marine Geophysical Trackline Data. .pdf
2011, May Cutler, William G. Bioaccessible Arsenic in Soils of the Island of Hawaii. .pdf
2011, Mar Paquay, Francois S. Extraterrestrial and Climatic Forcing of the Marine Osmium Isotope Record .pdf
2010, Dec Kim, Seung-Sep Remote Sensing of Seamounts: A Geophysical Study of Lithospheric Flexure, Seamount Statistics and Intraplate Volcanism .pdf
2010, Dec Osterloo, Mikki M. Revealing Compositional Diversity on the Martian Surface
from Remote Sensing Observations and Thermal Infrared
Laboratory Analyses: Implications for Ancient
Hydrological and Climatological Systems.
2010, Aug Fee, David E. Infrasound from Hawaiian to Plinian Eruptions: Constraining Volcanic Source Parameters .pdf
2010, Aug Shea, Thomas New Perspectives on the Style and Dynamics of the 79AD Plinian
Eruption at Vesuvius.
2010, May Marske, Jared P. Magmatic History of Lavas from Kilauea Volcano, Hawai'i and
South Pagan Volcano, Northern Mariana Islands.
2009, Dec Cahill, Joshua T.S. The Composition of the Lunar Crust: Radiative Transfer Modeling and Analysis of Lunar Visible and Near-Infrared Spectra. .pdf
2009, Dec Eason, Deborah E. Magmatic Processes at Mid-Ocean Ridges: Evidence for High-Pressure Crystallization and Crustal Assimilation. .pdf
2009, Dec McDowell, Meryl L. Laboratory and Applied Studies Using Thermal Infrared Spectroscopy and other Remote Sensing Tools for the Understanding of the Geologic History of Mars. .pdf
2009, Aug Bianco, Todd A. Dynamics and Melting of a Heterogeneous Mantle: Importance to Geographic Variations in Hotspot Lava Composition. .pdf
2009, May Steffke, Andrea M. Integration of Thermal Infrared Satelite Data with Ground-Based Geophysical Data for Understanding Volcanic Processes .pdf
2009, May Stovall, Wendy K. Dynamics and Processes During the 1959 Kilauea Iki Eruption. .pdf
2009, Apr Fedenczuk, Tom Visualization, Qualification, and Automation of Gradient Defined Features .pdf
2008, Dec Carey, Rebecca J. Conduit, Eruption, and Plume Dynamics Throughout the 28-29 March 1875 Eruption of Aksja Volcano, Iceland .pdf
2008, Dec Morris, Aisha Renee Topographic and Geomorphologic Analyses of Volcanic and Impact-related Landforms on Earth and Mars. .pdf
2008, Dec Oakley, Adrienne Jean A Multi-Channel Seismic and Bathymetric Investigation of the Central Mariana Convergent Margin. .pdf
2008, Dec Vanderkluysen, Loÿc Chemical and Isotopic Studies of Deccan Traps Dike (India) and Louisville Seamounts (South Pacific): Aspects of the Youth and Maturity of Hotspots. .pdf
2008, Sep Mittelstaedt, Eric L. Plume-Ridge Interaction: Shaping the Geometry of Mid-Ocean Ridges. .pdf
2008, May Koeppen, William Carl Understanding the Composition and Evolution of the Martian Surface using Thermal Infrared Laboratory Analyses and Remote Sensing. .pdf
2007, Dec Nosal, Eva-Marie Tracking marine mammals using passive acoustics. .pdf
2007, Dec Rotzoll, Kolja Hydraulic parameter estimation using Aquifer tests, specific capcity, ocean tides, and wave setup for Hawaii auifers. .pdf
2007, Dec Sahetapy-Engel, Steve Ground-Based Thermal Remote Sensing of Eruption Dynamics at Santiaguito Lava Dome Complex, Guatemala. .pdf
2007, Aug Lawrence, Samuel J. Remote Sensing and Geochemical Constraints on Asteroid and Lunar Composition. .pdf
2007, Aug Ike, Toshihiro Regional Variations in Basement Structure and Overlying Sediments of the Subducting Philippine Sea Plate and Their Effect on the Nankai Accretionary Prism. .pdf
2007, Aug Denevi, Brett W. Understanding the Composition of the Lunar Mare through Reflectance Spectroscopy. .pdf
2006, Aug Gharib, Jim J. Clastic Metabasites and Authigenic Minerals Serpentinite Protrusions from the Mariana Forearc: Implications for Sub-Forearc Subduction Processes. .pdf
2006, Aug Lautze, Nicole C. Dynamic nature of volcanic phenomena: 2001-02 eruption processes at Etna and Stromboli, Italy. .pdf
2006, Aug Sable, Julia E. Mechanisms for the Onset and Evolution of Basaltic Plinian Eruptions Inferred from Case Studies of Etna 122 BC and Tarawera 1886 .pdf
2005, Dec Gregg, Chris E. Natural Hazards in Hawai'i: Some Studies of Awareness, Risk Perceptions and Preparedness. .pdf
2005, Aug Patrick, Matthew R. Strombolian Eruption Dynamics from Thermal (Flir) Video Imagery. .pdf
2005, Aug Becker, Nathan C. Recent Volcanic and Tectonic Evolution of the Southern Mariana Arc. .pdf
2005, Aug Bailey, John E. Evolution of Dynamic Volcanic Landscapes. .pdf
2005, Aug Tkachev, Sergey N. Compressibility of Hydrated and Anhydrous Sodium Silicate-Based Liquids and Glasses, as Analogues for Natural Silicate Melts, by Brillouin Scattering Spectroscopy. .pdf
2005, May Adams, Nancy K. Magma Degassing During the 1912 Eruption of Novarupta, Alaska: Textural Analyses of Pyroclasts Representing Changes in Eruptive Intensity and Style. .pdf
2004, Dec Engels, Jennifer L. New Evidence for Ice Shelf Flow Across the Alaska and Beaufort Margins, Arctic Ocean. .pdf
2004, May Kendrick, Eric C. Geodetic Studies of Geodynamic Processes in the Central and Southern Andes. .pdf
2003, Dec Phillips, David A. Crustal Motion Studies in the Southwest Pacific: Geodetic Measurements of Plate Convergence in Tonga, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. .pdf
2002, Dec Garrison, Geoffrey H. Holocene Sedimentary and Aquatic Biogeochemical Responses Reflected in Ordy Pond, Oahu, Hawai'i. .pdf
2002, Dec Foster, James H. GPS Meteorology and the Phenomenology of Precipitable Water. .pdf
2002, May Rooney, John J.B. A Century of Shoreline Change Along the Kihei Coast of Maui, Hawaii. .pdf
2001, Aug Torres, Ronnie C. Vent-Derived and Deposit-Derives Pyroclastic Flows and Ignimbrites: Examples at Pinatubo Volcano, Philippines. .pdf
2001, Aug Hibbitts, Charles A. Carbon Dioxide and Sulfur Dioxide on the Surfaces of Galilean Satellites Ganymede and Callisto. .pdf
2001, Aug Grossman, Eric E. Holocene Sea Level History and Reef Development in Hawaii and the Central Pacific Ocean. .pdf
2001, May Pan, Yucheng Magmatic Processes in the Oceanic Crust – a Petrologic Approach. .pdf
2001, May Gorgas, Thomas J. In-Situ Geophysical Measurements in Marine Sediments: Applications in Seafloor Acoustics and Paleoceanography. .pdf
2001, May Caplan-Auerbach, Jacqueline Seismic and Acoustic Studies of Lo'ihi Volcano and Southeast Hawai'i. .pdf
2000, Dec Harney, Jodi N. Carbonate Sedimentology of a Windward Shoreface: Kailua Bay, Oahu, Hawaiian Islands. .pdf
2000, Dec Hinrichs, John L. Near-Infrared Spectral Dependence on Temperature for Mafic Minerals, Meteorites, and Lunar Soils: Implications for Asteroid and Lunar Science. .pdf
2000, Aug Jurado-Chichay, Zinzuni Volcanology of the Mangaone Subgroup Tephras, Okataina Volcanic Center, New Zealand. .pdf
2000, May Sherman, Clark E. Accretion and Diagenesis of a Submerged Pleistocene Reef, Oahu, Hawaii. .pdf
1999, Dec Calhoun, R. Scott. The Sediment Budget of Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii. .pdf
1999, Dec Sun, Xinhua Inversion of Acoustic Waveforms for Velocity and Attenuation. .pdf
1999, May Petruszka, Aaron J. The Short-Term Geochemical Evolution of Kilauea Volcano, Hawai'i (1790-1998). .pdf
1999, May Peterson, Chris A. Remote Sensing Studies of Anorthosite and Other Highland Lithologies of Earth's Moon. .pdf
1998, Dec Zhao, Zhiyong Deformation and Dewatering of the Subducting Plate and Evolution of the Decollement Zone Under the Northern Barbados Accretionary Prism: Insights from 3-D Seismic Reflection Data. .pdf
1998, Dec Tejada, Maria L. G. Geochemical Studies of Pacific Oceanic Plateaus: The Ontong Java Plateau and Shatsky Rise. .pdf
1998, Dec Peng, Zhan X. Geochemical Studies of the Northwestern, Central, and Northeastern Deccan Traps, India: Source, Petrogenesis, and Relations to Southwestern Deccan Stratigraphy. .pdf
1998, Dec Kronen, John D. Marine Sedimentary Deposits at Different Temporal and Spatial Scales: Investigation of Repetitive Systems Influenced by Climate and Sea Level. .pdf
1998, Aug Shieh, Ruey-shiang A High Pressure and High Temperature Study of Serpentine and Its Complications to Earth's Lower Mantle. .pdf
1998, Aug Sherman, Sarah B. Influences of Ridge Subduction on Mid-Ocean Ridge Processes: Petrologic Observations from the Southern Chile Ridge and the Woodlark Basin. .pdf
1998, May Shao, Ji Cheng Spherical Harmonic Analysis of Paleomagnetic Data. .pdf
1998, May Goodliffe, Andrew M. The Rifting of Continental and Oceanic Lithosphere: Observations from the Woodlark Basin. .pdf
1998, May Fu, Shungsheng The Experimental Study of in Situ Acoustic Properties in Marine Sediments. .pdf
1998, May Firedman, Rachel C. Petrologic Clues to Lava Flow Emplacement and Post-Emplacement Processes. .pdf
1997, Dec Budney, Charles J. Differentiation of Lunar Basin Impact Melt Sheets and the Thickness of Mare Basalt Fills. .pdf
1997, Aug Oki, Delwyn S. Modeling the Effects of Pumping, Barometric Pressure, and Ocean Tides on Ground-Water Levels in Northern Oahu, Hawaii. .pdf
1997, Aug Benedix, Gretchen K. Geologic Processes on the Winonaite-Iab Iron Parent Body. .pdf
1996, Dec Nasch, Philippe Elastic and Anelastic Properties of Liquid Iron and Iron Alloys: Applications to the Earth's Core. .pdf
1996, Dec Ling, Ge Assessment of Nitrate Leaching in the Unsaturated Zone on Oahu. .pdf
1996, Aug Ludwig, Rainer Porosity-Seismic Velocity Relationship and Evolution of Shallow Oceanic Crust Near Spreading Centers of the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. .pdf
1996, May Wang, Zifu Spectroscopic Study of Anhydrous and Hydrous Silicate Glasses Under High Pressure and High Temperature. .pdf
1996, May Cañón-Tapia, Edgardo The Internal Structure of Lava Flows: Insights from AMS Measurements. .pdf
1995, Dec Gingerich, Stephen B. The Hydrothermal System of the Lower East Rift Zone of Kilauea Volcano: Conceptual and Numerical Models of Energy and Solute Transport. .pdf
1995, Dec Appelgate, Bruce Geophysical Investifations of the Reykjanes Ridge and Kolbeinsey Ridge Seafloor Spreading Centers. .pdf
1995, Aug Sivaramakrishnan, Rajan Climatic Controls on Cyclic Carbonate Sedimentation in Enclosed Basins: Plio-Pleistocene Black Sea and Ala Wai Canal, Oahu. .pdf
1995, Aug Horton, Keith A. Airborne and Satellite Infrared Imaging Spectroscopy of Active Volcanism at Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii. .pdf
1995, Aug Holasek, Rick E. Volcanic Eruption Plumes: Satellite Remote Sensing Observations and Laboratory Experiment. .pdf
1995, May Thordarson, Thorvaldur Volatile Release and Atmospheric Effects of Basaltic Fissure Eruptions. .pdf
1995, May Nolte, Bertram Global Optimization Algorithms for Seismic Inversion. .pdf
1995, May Marsters, Janice C. The Influence of Microfossil Content on the Physical Properties of Calcareous Sediments from the Ontong Java Plateau. .pdf
1994, Dec McMillan, Jack F. Dynamical Equilibration of a Spatially Periodic Flow of Conducting Fluid With an Embedded Magnetic Field: Toward a Self-Consistent Alpha-Squared Dynamo Model. .pdf
1994, Dec Bruno, Barbard C. Lava Flow Dynamics: Clues from Fractal Analysis. .pdf
1994, Aug Mackay, Mary E. Structural Evolution of the Oregon Accretionary Prism. .pdf
1994, Aug Basu, Atanu Studies in Geophysical Inversion. .pdf
1994, May McCoy, Timothy J. Partial Melting on the Acapulcoite-Lodranite Meteorite Parent Body. .pdf
1993, Dec Robinson, Mark S. Some Aspects of Lunar and Martian Volcanism as Examined with Spectral, Topographic, and Morphologic Data Derived from Spacecraft Images. .pdf
1993, Dec Joseph, Deborah A Geophysical Investigation of the Nova-Canton Trough: The Key to the Late Cretaceous Evolution of the Central Pacific. .pdf
1993, Dec Granahan, James C. Investigations of Asteroid Family Geology. .pdf
1993, Dec Clark, Beth E. Spectral Reflectance Studies and Optical Surface Alteration in the Search for Links Between Meteorites and Asteroids. .pdf
1993, Dec Bromirski, Peter D. Sediment Shear Q from Horizontal Component Airgun Obs Data. .pdf
1993, Dec Bergersen, Douglas D. Morphology, Seismic Stratigraphy, and Flexure Modeling of Selected Guyots in the Marshall Islands. .pdf
1993, May Mohanan, Kakkala Vibrational Spectroscopic Studies of Olvines, Pyroxenes, and Amphiboles at High Temperatures and Pressures. .pdf
1992, Dec Munro, Duncan C. The Application of Remotely Sensed Data to Studies of Volcanism within the Galapagos Island. .pdf
1992, Dec Ivarsson, Gretar Geology and Petrochemistry of the Torfajokull Central Volcano in Central South Iceland, in Association with the Icelandic Hot Spot and Rift Zones. .pdf
1992, Dec Hagen, Ricky A. Sedimentary and Tectonic Processes Along the Peru-Chile Trench. .pdf
1992, Aug Lineberger, Patrick H. Late Pliocene to Quaternary Turbidites and Productivity Fluctuations in the Central Pacific Basin: Inducement by Sea-Level Change. .pdf
1992, Aug Bryan, Carol J. Seismic Studies of the Island of Hawaii and Loihi Seamount. .pdf
1992, May Pringle Jr., Malcolm S. Geochronology and Petrology of the Musicians Seamounts, and the Search for Hot Spot Volcanism in the Cretaceous Pacific. .pdf
1992, May Niu, Yaoling Mid-Ocean Ridge Magmatism: Style of Mantle Upwelling, Partial Melting, Crustal Level Processes, and Spreading Rate Dependence – a Petrologic Approach. .pdf
1992, May McCreery, Charles S. Long-Term Ambient Ocean Noise, 0.05-30 Hz, from the Wake Island Hydrophone Array. .pdf
1992, May Hayashi, Joan N. Aspects of Pyroclastic Flow Movement and Emplacement. .pdf
1992, May Flynn, Luke P. Radiative Temperature Measurements of the Puu O'o – Kupaianaha Eruption with Implications for Satellite Remote Sensing. .pdf
1992, May Bell, James F. The Ferric Mineralogy of Mars. .pdf
1991, Dec Jarvis, Philip A. Tectonic Deformation in the North Fiji Basin. .pdf
1991, Dec Blake, Pamela L. Applications of Remotely Sensed Data to Geological Problems. .pdf
1991, Dec Shrestha, Rajendra B. Evaluation of Mineral Exploration Potential Based on the Multi-Element Analysis of Stream Sediments and Mineral Deposit Modelling, Central Nepal. .pdf
1991, Aug Klaus, Adam Multichannel Seismic and Swath-Mapping Investigations of the Izu-Bonin Island Arc. .pdf
1991, Aug Johnson, Lynn E. Evolution of the Northern Mariana Forearc Between 19-21°N: Petrologic and Tectonic Evidence for Accretion and the Formation of a Petrologically Diverse Forearc Crustal Section. .pdf
1991, Aug Brown, Glenn R. Tectonic, Sedimentary, and Volcanic Processes Associated with Rifting of the Central Bonin Island Arc. .pdf
1991, Aug Berge, Patricia A. Seismic Anisotropy and Velocity-Porosity Relationships in the Seafloor. .pdf
1991, May LeTourneau, Nelson J. Characterization of the Bottom Sediment Velocity-Depth Relationship for the Somali Basin and the Arabian Sea. .pdf
1991, May Campbell, Bruce A. Radar Polarization Studies of Volcanic and Impact Cratered Terrains on the Earth, Venus, and the Moon. .pdf
1990, Dec Spengler, Steven R. Geology and Hydrogeology of the Island of Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia. .pdf
1990, Dec Li, Chang Geomorphologic Impact of the Subducting Nazca Plate on the Southern Peru (14 Degree S-16 Degree S) – Northern Chile (17 Degree S-20 Degree S) Continental Margin. .pdf
1990, Jun Blaney, Diana L. Composition and Distribution of Carbonates, Sulfates, and Hydrates on the Martian Surface from Earthbased Spectroscopy Between 3 µm and 5 µm. .pdf
1990, May Underwood, Mark R. Atoll Island Hydrogeology: Conceptual and Numerical Models. .pdf
1990, May O'Brien, David K. Physical, Acoustic, and Electrical Properties of Deep-Sea Sediments. .pdf
1990, May Hood, Julia A. Fracture Estimation in Anisotropic Media. .pdf
1989, Dec Nelson, Marcia L. Determination of Modal Composition of Intimate Mineral Mixtures Using Bidirectional Reflectance Theory. .pdf
1989, Dec Kim, Young-Ho Equation of State and Phase Transformation Studies on the Mantle Minerals and Their Structural Analogs Under High Pressure and Temperature Conditions. .pdf
1989, Aug Johnson, Daniel J. Dynamics of Magma Storage in the Summit Reservoir of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii. .pdf
1989, May Yonover, Robert N. Petrological Effects of Rift Failure at the Galapagos Spreading Center Near 95.5°W Including Analyses of Glass Inclusions by Laser Mass Spectrometry and Ion Microprobe. .pdf
1989, May Jackson, Michael C. Petrology and Petrogenesis of Recent Submarine Volcanics from the Northern Mariana Arc and Back-Arc Basin. .pdf
1989, May Griggs, John E. Numerical Simulation of Groundwater Development Schemes for the Laura Area of Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands. .pdf
1989, May Coombs, Cassandra R. Explosive Volcanism on the Moon and the Development of Lunar Sinuous Rilles and Their Terrestrial Analogs. .pdf
1988, Dec Lindwall, Dennis Deep Crustal Structure Under and Near the Hawaiian Islands. .pdf
1988, Dec Knight, Michael D. Volcanic Evolution of the Koolau Dike Complex: Determined from Intrusive Magma Flow, Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility, and Remanent Magnetization Directions. .pdf
1988, Aug Izuka, Scot K. The Variation of Magnesium Concentrations in the Tests of Recent and Fossil Benthic Foraminifera. .pdf
1987, Dec Mallick, Subhashis A Vector Reflectivity Algorithm and Synthesis of Po/So. .pdf
1987, Aug Storrs, Alexander D. The Evolution of Cometary Activity. .pdf
1987, Aug Rowland, Scott K. The Flow Character of Hawaiian Basalt Lavas. .pdf
1987, Aug Dorn, Wolfgang U. Late Miocene Hiatuses and Related Events in the Central Equatorial Pacific: Their Depositional Imprint and Paleoceanographic Implications. .pdf
1987, May Sen, Mrinal K. Kirchhoff-Helmholtz Synthetic Seismograms. .pdf
1987, May Reed, Thomas B. Digital Image-Processing and Analysis Techniques for SeaMARC II Side-Scan Sonar Imagery. .pdf
1987, May Cessaro, Robert K. Study of the P(o) and S(o) Phases from Regional Earthquakes Recorded by a Borehole Seismometer in the Northwest Pacific. .pdf
1986, Dec Novelo-Casanova, David A. Coda-Q, b-Values and Stress Drops for the Foreshocks and Aftershocks of the Petatlan, Mexico, Earthquake. .pdf
1986 Ferrall, Charles C., Jr. Tectonic Stress Regime of the Cascades Region and Tectonic Classification of Large Calderas .pdf
1985, Dec Cooper, Patricia A. Seismicity, Focal Mechanisms and Morphology of Subducted Lithosphere in the Papua New Guinea-Solomon Islands Region. .pdf
1985, May Shettigara, K. V. Electrical Resistivity Investigation of the Schofield High-Level Water Body Oahu, Hawaii. .pdf
1985, May Kim, Dae C. Diagenetic Factors Controlling Physical, Acoustic, and Electrical Properties of Deep-Sea Carbonate Sediments. .pdf
1984, Dec Christie, David M. Petrologic Effects of Mid-Oceanic Rift Propagation: The Galapagos Spreading Center at 95.5°W. .pdf
1984, Dec Matson, Dean W. A Mass Spectrometric Investigation of Volatiles in Matle-Derived Amphiboles and Micas and a Raman Spectroscopic Study of Silicate Glass Structures. .pdf
1984, Dec Ambos, Elizabeth L. Applications of Ocean Bottom Seismometer Data to the Study of Forearc and Transform Fault Systems. .pdf
1984, Aug Herrero-Bervera, Emilio Some Aspects of the Geomagnetic Field During Polarity Transitions. .pdf
1984, Aug Gaffey, Susan J. Spectral Reflectance of Carbonate Minerals and Rocks in the Visible and Near Infrared (0.35 to 2.55 µm) and Its Applications in Carbonate Petrology. .pdf
1984, Aug Byers, Charles D. A Geochemical Investigation of Volatiles in Abyssal Glasses from the Galapagos Spreading Center at 85°W and 95°W, East Pacific Rise at 21°N, and Loihi Seamount, Hawaii, Using High Temperature Mass Spectrometry. .pdf
1984, May Wang, Chung-Ho 18o/16o Ratios in Marine Diatoms as Paleoclimate and Paleoceanography Indicators for the Late Quaternary. .pdf
1984, May Milholland, Phillip D. Seismicity at the Galapagos 95.5°W Propagating Rift. .pdf
1983, Aug Sager, William W. Seamount Paleomagnetism and Pacific Plate Tectonics. .pdf
1983 McFadden, Lucy-Ann Spectral Reflectance of Near-Earth Asteroids: Implications for Compositions, Origin and Evolution .pdf
1982, Dec Carter, Jerry A. Accomodating Lateral Velocity Variations in Kirchhoff Migration of Zero Offset Reflection Data. .pdf
1982, Aug Haggerty, Janet A. The Geologic History of the Southern Line Islands. .pdf
1982, May Sinton, John B. Detailed Geophysical Studies of Two-Dimensional Structures at Active Plate Margins Using Seismic Refraction and Earthquake Data. .pdf
1982, May Kauahikaua, James P. The Subsurface Resistivity Structure of Kilauea Volcano, Hawai'i. .pdf
1982 Smith, Michael P. Feldspar-liquid Temperature-Composition Relationships .pdf
1981, Aug Kempner, William C. Ophiolites, Synthetic Seismograms, and Oceanic Crustal Structure. .pdf
1981 Fryer, P. Petrogenesis of Basaltic Rocks from the Mariana Trough .pdf
1980, May Fryer, Gerard J. Theoretical Studies of Acoustic Interaction with the Ocean Bottom at Low Frequency. .pdf
1979, May Shepherd, Glenn L. Shallow Crustal Structure and Marine Geology of a Convergence Zone, Northwest Peru and Southwest Ecuador. .pdf
1979, May McMurtry, Gary M. Rates of Sediment Accumulation and Their Bearing on Metallogenesis on the Nazca Plate, Southeast Pacific. .pdf
1979, May Estill, Robert E. Seismotectonics and Velocity Structure of the Southeastern Hawaiian Ridge. .pdf
1978, Dec Epp, David Age and Tectonic Relationships Among Volcanic Chains on the Pacific Plate. .pdf
1978, Aug Graham, Diana G. A Mass Spectrometric Investigation of the Volatile Content of Deep Submarine Basalts. .pdf
1977, Dec Thomas, Donald M. The Isotopic Profile of Gases from the Summit and Flank of Kilauea Volcano. .pdf
1977, Dec Suyenaga, Wayne Earth Deformation in Response to Surface Loading: Application to the Formation of the Hawaiian Ridge. .pdf
1977, Aug Coulbourn, William T. Tectonics and Sediments of the Peru-Chile Trench and Continental Margin at the Arica Bight. .pdf
1976, Jun Klein, Douglas P. Magnetic Variations (2-30 cpd) on Hawaii Island and Mantle Electrical Conductivity. .pdf
1975, Apr Killingley, John S. High Temperature Knudsen Cell/Quadrupole Mass Spectrometric Studies of Magmatic Volatiles. .pdf
1974, Aug Wilcox, Luman E. An Analysis of Gravity Prediction Methods for Continental Areas. .pdf
1974, Aug Keeling, David L. K-Ar Dating: Atmospheric Argon Contamination in Volcanic Rocks. .pdf
1974, Apr Wilcox, Luman E. Gravity Correlation Study: Manual of 1° x 1° Mean Gravity Anomaly Prediction for Contental Areas. .pdf
1973, May Michael, Marion O. Fluctuations in Circum-Pacific Volcanic Activity and in the Seismicity of South America. .pdf
1973, May Maynard, G. Lafayette Seismic Wide-Angle Reflection and Refraction Investigation of the Sediments on the Ontong Java Plateau. .pdf
1973 Zachariades, Robin Structure and Tectonics of the Murray Fracture Zone West of the Hawaiian Ridge. .pdf
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