Earth Sciences Student Theses - Master of Science

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This list is not comprehensive, but provides examples from students who agreed to post their work.





2020, December Truax, Kelly L. Quantifying Moss Response to Contaminant Exposure Using Laser Induced Fluorescence .pdf
2020, November Ferguson, Colin M. Exploration for Blind Geothermal Resources in the State of Hawaʻi Utilizing Dissolved Noble Gasses in Well Waters .pdf
2020, August McDonald, Kristian UAS Surveys Reveal High Spatiotemporal Variability in Beach Morphology Including Subcell Sand Exchange and Accretion During Swell Events: Waikīkī, Hawaiʻi .pdf
2020, July Zinn, Malia Investigating Volcanic Eruptions at the Seamount Tafu: Chemical and Geographic Variation within the NELSC .pdf
2020, May Avery, Jonathan Analysis of Smartphone Earthquake Early Warning Networks in Chile and Costa Rica .pdf
2020, May Evans, Krista J. Precursory Volcanic Activity and Cultural Response to the Late Bronze Age Eruption of Santorini (Thera), Greece .pdf
2020, May Foerder, Andrew Chemical Alteration and Soil Provenance of Polar Desert Sediments from the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica: An Analog for Alteration Processes on Mars .pdf
2020, May Tavares, Kammie-Dominique Rate of Beach Loss Greatest with Near-Term Sea Level Rise .pdf
2019, December Lata, Charu Upper Crustal Structure Across the Eastern Lau Spreading Center Using P-to-S Converted Seismic Waves .pdf
2019, May Chornkrathok, Sasithorn Structure and Behavior of the Ni End-Member Schreibersite, (Ni3P), Under Deep Earth Conditions .pdf
2019, May Nakrong, Nipaporn The Structure of the Oceanic Crust on the Northeast Hawaiian Arch Imaged by Pre-Stack Depth Migration of Active-Source Seismic Data .pdf
2019, May Yong, Tommy W. Investigation of the High-Pressure Behavior of Amphiboles .pdf
2018, December Herries, Katherine E. Biogeochemical Alteration Effects on U-TH Dating of Pleistocene Corals .pdf
2018, December Pleus, Alexandra W. In-Situ Rheology of the Oceanic Lithosphere Along the Hawaiian Ridge .pdf
2018, October Benyshek, Elizabeth K. Tectonic Reconstruction of the Ellice Basin .pdf
2018, August Dores, Daniel E. Stable Isotope and Geochemical Source-Tracking of Groundwater and Surface Water Pollution to Kāneʻohe Bay, Hawaiʻi .pdf
2018, August Hudson, Catherine Y. The Source and Magnitude of Submarine Groundwater Discharge Along the Kona Coast of the Big Island, Hawaiʻi .pdf
2018, August Mathioudakis, Michael R. Hydrology of Contaminant Flow Regimes to Groundwater, Streams, and the Ocean Waters of Kāneʻohe Bay, Hawaiʻi .pdf
2017, August Walker, Brett H. Petrologic Insights into Rift Zone Magmatic Interactions Under Kīlauea's Nāpau Crater (1922-2011) .pdf
2017, May Mintz, Bianca G. Analysis of Spattering Activity at Halema`uma`u in 2015 .pdf
2016, Dec Tree, Jonathan P. Mantel Potential Temperatures of 4.5 to 47 MA Hawaiian Volcanoes Using Olivine Thermometry: Implications for Melt Flux Variations .pdf
2016, July Kennedy, Joseph J. Coupling Aircraft and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing with Simultaneous In-Situ Coastal Measurements to Monitor the Dynamics of Submarine Groundwater Discharge .pdf
2016, Jun Watkins, C. Evan Constraints on Dynamic Topography from Asymmetric Subsidence Across the Mid-Ocean Ridges .pdf
2016, Aug Robinson, Nicole A High-Resolution 187OS/188OS Record for the Late Maastrichtian .pdf
2016, May Shuler, Christopher K. Source Partitioning of Anthropogenic Groundwater Nitrogen in a Mixed-Use Landscape, Tutuila, American Samoa .pdf
2015, July Taladay, Katie B. A 3-Dimensional Analysis and Assessment of the Natural Gas Hydrate System in the Kumano Forearc Basin, Offshore Japan, from NanTroSEIZE Drilling and 3D Siesmic Data .pdf
2015, May Jacob, Samantha R. Characteristics and Origin of an Erosionally Resistant Unit in the Mars Science Laboratory Landing Ellipse (Gale Crater, Mars), Based on Analyses of Surface Data and Orbital Images .pdf
2015, May Togia, Harrison F. R. New Constraints on Temporal Variations in Hawaiian Plume Buoyancy Flux .pdf
2015, May Waters, Christine A Variability in Submarine Groundwater Dishcarge Composition and the Fate of Groundwater Delivered Nutrients at Kīholo Bay and Honokōhau Harbour, North Kona District, Hawai`i .pdf
2014, Dec Glancy, Sarah E. Petrology and Geochemistry of Boninites and Related Lavas from the Mata Volcanoes, NE Lau Basin .pdf
2014, June Zaiss, Jessica Osmium Geochemical Behavior and Global Isotopic Changes Associated with the Cretaceous-Paleogene Impact .pdf
2014, May Czeck, Benjamin C. Growth, yield, and nutrient changes of sweet potato grown across the spectrum of CO2 concentrations projected in the next 150 years. .pdf
2014, May Larin, Penny N. Perception of Vunerability Relating to Sea Level Rise and Climate Change in Island Communities: Insight from Hawai`i .pdf
2014, May Maher, Sarah M. The case for a chron 21 change in Africa absolute plate motion .pdf
2013, Aug Howell, Samuel M. The Origin of the Assymetry in the Iceland Hotspot Along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge from Continental Breakup to Present-Day .pdf
2013, May Barnes, Jessica L. Fluid Flow, Gas Accumulations, and Gas Hydrate Formation in Kumano Forearc Basin Determined by Seismic Reflection Interpretation and Well Data Correlation .pdf
2012, Dec Austin, Regan Early Seaflood Spreading and Variations in Crustal Accretion in the Lau basin. .pdf
2012, Dec Griffin, Darwina K. Geologic History of Mauna Loa's Submarine Southwest Rift Zone (SWRZ) .pdf
2011, May Benediktsdottir, Asdis Detailed Tectonic Evolution of the Reykjanes Ridge During the Past 15 MA Using Magellan, a New Tool for Modeling Magnetic Anomalies. .pdf
2011, May Sleeper, Jonathan D. Intra_Segment Variations in Subduction Influence Along the Eastern Lau Spreading Center and Valu Fa Ridge, Lau Backarc Basin, SW Pacific. .pdf
2010, Dec Kastl, Brian Erosional and Depositional Processes of the 18 March 2007 Lahar at Mt. Ruapehu, New Zealand. .pdf
2010, Aug Mitchell, Kelly J. Factors Contributing to the Formation of Sheeting Joints: a Study of Sheeting Joints on a Dome in Yosemite National Park. .pdf
2010, Aug Perreault, Jeff A. Development of a Water Budget in a Tropical Setting Accounting for Mountain Recharge: Tutuila, American Samoa. .pdf
2010, May Petrochilos, Lisa T. Experimental and Analytical Studies of Titanomagnetite in Synthetic and Natural Samples .pdf
2009, Dec Anchieta, Maria C. Seismicity Along the Hawaiian Islands Recorded by the Plume Land and Ocean Bottom Seismometer Network. .pdf
2009, Dec Neill, Owen K. Influence of Pre-eruptive Degassing and Crystallization on
the Deposits of Laterally Directed Volcanic Explosions.
2008, Aug Johnson, Adam Groundwater Discharge from the Leeward Half of the Big Isand, Hawaii. .pdf
2008, Aug Swinnard, Lisa Geochemical Variations of Kauai Island and South Kauai Swell Volcanics. .pdf
2008, Jun Romine, Bradley Historical Shoreline Trends and Management Implications: Southeast Oahu, Hawaii. .pdf
2008, May Rotella, Melissa Magmatic Processes at the Galápagos 93.25°W Overlapping Spreading Center. .pdf
2007, Oct Vitousek, Sean Nearshore Hydrodynamics at Kaanapali, Maui & Hawaii Extreme Wave Statistics. .pdf
2006, May Chandler, Michael T. Improving the Quality Control of Marine Geophysical Trackline Data. .pdf
2006, May Delorey, Andrew A. Surface Wave Tomography of the Upper Mantle Beneath the Reykjanes Ridge. .pdf
2006, Apr Gandy, Christian Erick Volume and Petrologic Characteristics of the Koloa Volcanics, Kauai, Hawaii. .pdf
2005, Aug Seung-Sep Kim Separation of Regional and Residual Components of Bathymetry Using Directional Median Filtering. .pdf
2004, Dec McGowan, Marc P. Submarine Groundwater Discharge : Freshwater and Nutrient Input into Hawaii's Coastal Zone. .pdf
2004, Dec Shamberger, Patrick J. Leucocratic & Gabbroic Xenoliths from Hualalai Volcano, Hawaii. .pdf
2004, Oct Weiss, Jonathan R. A Geophysical Interpretation of the Gulf of Corinth, Greece. .pdf
2004, Aug Bianco, Todd Anthony Two Forms of Secondary Hawaiian Volcanism. .pdf
2003, Dec Sterling, Nile Akel Kevis Cenozoic Changes in Pacific Absolute Plate Motion. .pdf
2003, Aug Cushman, Buffy Jolene Plume-Ridge Interaction Along the Galápagos Spreading Center, 90°30’W to 98°W: A Hydrous Melting Model to Explain Variations in Observed Glass Compositions. .pdf
2002, Dec Eversole, Dolan Large-Scale Beach Change: Kaanapali, Hawai'i. .pdf
1996, May Calhoun, R. Scott Holocene History of Sediment Deposition and Stratigraphy on the Hanalei Coastal Plain, Kauai, Hawaii. .pdf
1984, Aug Imada, Jewelle A. Numerical Modeling of the Groundwater in the East Rift Zone of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii .pdf
1976, Aug Ferrall Jr., Charles C. Subsurface Geology of Waikiki, Moiliili and Kakaako With Engineering Application .pdf