G&G Student Dissertations - Doctor of Philosophy

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This list is not comprehensive, but provides examples from students who agreed to post their work.





2017, May Sleeper, Jonathan D. Tectonic and Magmatic Controls on Extension and Crustal Accretion in Backarc Basins, Insights from the Lau Basin and Southern Mariana Trough .pdf
2017, May Ballmer, Silke Ambient Seismic Noise Interferometry on the Island of Hawai`i


2016, Dec Howell, Samuel M. Faulting and Deformation at Divergent and Transform Plate Bounderies .pdf
2016, Aug Acosta-Maeda, Tayro E. Raman Spectroscopy for Planetary Exploration and Characterization of Extraterestrial Materials .pdf
2016, Aug Fackrell, Joseph K. Geochemical Evolution of Hawaiian Groundwater .pdf
2016, Aug Lemelin, Myriam The Composition of the Lunar Crust: An In-Depth Remote Sensing View .pdf
2016, May Weiss, Jonathan R. The Bolivian Subandes and Beyond: Linking Wedge Deformation Processes Across Multiple Timescales .pdf
2015, Dec Boston, Brian Plate to Backstop: A Geophysical Investigation of Two Japanese Subduction Zones, from the Outer Rise to the Forearc Slope .pdf
2015, Dec Orr, Tim R. Studies of Recent Eruptive Phenomena at Kilauea Volcano .pdf
2015, Aug Jilly, Christine E. Timescales and Conditions for the Aqueous Alteration of Chondrites .pdf
2015, Aug Telus, Myriam Developing The 60Fe-60Ni System for Early Solar System Chronology .pdf
2015, May Robinson, Katharine L. Water in Evolved Lunar Rocks .pdf
2014, Dec Gasda, Patrick J. The Aqueous Alteration of Carbon-Bearing Phases in CR Carbonaceous Chondrites .pdf
2014, Dec Trang, David A Remote Analysis of the Lunar Landscape .pdf
2014, Aug Colman, Alice Effects of Variable Magma Supply on Magma Resovoirs and Eruption Characteristics Along the Gálapagos Spreading Center .pdf
2014, May Crites, Sarah C. Interactions of Galactic Cosmic Rays With the Lunar Surface .pdf
2013, Dec Aryal, Arjun Landslide deformation character inferred from terrestrial laser scanner data .pdf
2013, Aug Anderson, Tiffany R. Shoreline Data Analysis .pdf
2013, May Parcheta, Carolyn Weak-Intensity, Basaltic, Explosive Volcanism: Dynamics of Hawaiian Fountains .pdf
2013, May Romine, Bradley M. Historical Shoreline Changes on Beaches of the Hawaiian Islands with Relation to Human Impacts, Sea Level, and Other Influences on Beach Dynamics .pdf
2012, Aug Kelly, Jacque L. Identification and Quantification of Submarine Groundwater Discharge in the Hawaiian Islands .pdf
2011, Dec Brugger, Carrie R. Crystallization of Hydrous Rhyodacite Magma During Continous Decompression. .pdf
2011, Dec Chandler, Miachael T. Tectonic History of the Greater Ontong Java Plateau and Errata-Based Correction of Marine Geophysical Trackline Data. .pdf
2011, May Cutler, William G. Bioaccessible Arsenic in Soils of the Island of Hawaii. .pdf
2010, Dec Kim, Seung-Sep Remote Sensing of Seamounts: A Geophysical Study of Lithospheric Flexure, Seamount Statistics and Intraplate Volcanism .pdf
2010, Dec Osterloo, Mikki M. Revealing Compositional Diversity on the Martian Surface
from Remote Sensing Observations and Thermal Infrared
Laboratory Analyses: Implications for Ancient
Hydrological and Climatological Systems.
2010, Aug Fee, David E. Infrasound from Hawaiian to Plinian Eruptions: Constraining Volcanic Source Parameters .pdf
2010, Aug Shea, Thomas New Perspectives on the Style and Dynamics of the 79AD Plinian
Eruption at Vesuvius.
2010, May Marske, Jared P. Magmatic History of Lavas from Kilauea Volcano, Hawai'i and
South Pagan Volcano, Northern Mariana Islands.
2009, Dec Cahill, Joshua T.S. The Composition of the Lunar Crust: Radiative Transfer Modeling and Analysis of Lunar Visible and Near-Infrared Spectra. .pdf
2009, Dec Eason, Deborah E. Magmatic Processes at Mid-Ocean Ridges: Evidence for High-Pressure Crystallization and Crustal Assimilation. .pdf
2009, Dec McDowell, Meryl L. Laboratory and Applied Studies Using Thermal Infrared Spectroscopy and other Remote Sensing Tools for the Understanding of the Geologic History of Mars. .pdf
2009, Aug Bianco, Todd A. Dynamics and Melting of a Heterogeneous Mantle: Importance to Geographic Variations in Hotspot Lava Composition. .pdf
2009, May Stovall, Wendy K. Dynamics and Processes During the 1959 Kilauea Iki Eruption. .pdf
2008, Dec Morris, Aisha Renee Topographic and Geomorphologic Analyses of Volcanic and Impact-related Landforms on Earth and Mars. .pdf
2008, Dec Oakley, Adrienne Jean A Multi-Channel Seismic and Bathymetric Investigation of the Central Mariana Convergent Margin. .pdf
2008, Dec Vanderkluysen, Loÿc Chemical and Isotopic Studies of Deccan Traps Dike (India) and Louisville Seamounts (South Pacific): Aspects of the Youth and Maturity of Hotspots. .pdf
2008, Sep Mittelstaedt, Eric L. Plume-Ridge Interaction: Shaping the Geometry of Mid-Ocean Ridges. .pdf
2008, May Koeppen, William Carl Understanding the Composition and Evolution of the Martian Surface using Thermal Infrared Laboratory Analyses and Remote Sensing. .pdf
2007, Dec Nosal, Eva-Marie Tracking marine mammals using passive acoustics. .pdf
2007, Dec Rotzoll, Kolja Hydraulic parameter estimation using Aquifer tests, specific capcity, ocean tides, and wave setup for Hawaii auifers. .pdf
2006, Aug Lautze, Nicole C. Dynamic nature of volcanic phenomena: 2001-02 eruption processes at Etna and Stromboli, Italy. not avail
2000, Dec Harney, Jodi N. Carbonate Sedimentology of a Windward Shoreface: Kailua Bay, Oahu, Hawaiian Islands. .pdf
1999, Dec Calhoun, R. Scott. The Sediment Budget of Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii. .pdf