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The department offers a wide range of active, extramurally-funded, research and study programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels, and actively supports Postdoctoral research in many areas as well. The department has a reputation for high quality faculty, research facilities, and opportunities in the Earth, Ocean, and Space sciences. Within the department, general areas of research are divided between three broad divisions.
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The department is organized into three divisions:

In addition, reasearchers and students in GG interact with Faculty of HIGP in the area of Planetary Geoscience and remote sensing, and with WRRC in the area of hydrology.


Our geographic location in the midst of the Pacific Ocean and the rich geologic setting of Hawai‘i provide a natural focus for research programs in:

  1. Composition and dynamics of Earth’s deep interior
  2. Formation, motion and recycling of Earth’s crust (the rock cycle)
  3. Earth’s surface: water, sediments, and life
  4. Earth history
  5. Earth hazards, resources and sustainability
  6. The Solar System


The department has most of it's labs, classrooms and computing assets in the POST building on the UHM campus. Many students and faculty also conduct research out in the field, with mobile infrastructure and assets.

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orange starNew - ESVI: Earth Science on Volcanic Islands
Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU), Summer 2018  

GG 2017 Newsletter (PDF). 
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TGIF Seminars: Spring 2018

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Donald SwansonDonald A. Swanson Graduate Fellowship just announced. See the UHF press release.

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Early History of the Department of Geology and Geophysics By Ralph Moberly, Emeritus Faculty