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SOEST Press Releases: 2005 Archive

Deep sea bubbles from vents

Fall AGU 2005 - Deep sea exploration of the South Pacific brings incredible discoveries

In one of the most successful ocean exploration voyages in recent years, the Pisces IV and Pisces V manned submersibles studied the biology, chemistry, volcanology and oceanography of hydrothermally active seamounts in the SW Pacific. Read more about it.

Image courtesy of HURL / NOAA / NURP.

Valles Marineris

Fall AGU 2005 - Felsic rocks discovered in Valles Marineris on Mars

Spectral analysis of the Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS) infrared images in the Valles Marineris region on Mars show areas of rocks containing a highly felsic (quartz-bearing) nature. Similar materials have been identified in limited distribution one other region on the planet, but those deposits were not bedrock materials. This occurrence on the floor of a canyon in the Valles Marineris is a new discovery and the materials are present in bedrock form. Read more about it.

Image courtesy of Victoria Hamilton / HIGP / SOEST.

David Karl

November 2 : David Karl of the University of Hawaii to receive the David Packard Medal from MBARI

Microbial biologist and oceanographer David M. Karl will be presented the David Packard Medal from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI). The Medal is presented by faculty at MBARI as a means to recognize outstanding achievements and leadership in the fields of Marine Science and/or Marine Engineering. Read more about it.

Image courtesy of David Karl / SOEST.

Hydrothermal vent billows black smoke

September 23 : Shorter timeframes discovered for submarine ocean ridge volcanism

The time it takes for rock to form in volcanic mid-ocean ridges has been determined by SOEST researchers to be shorter than previously thought. Read more about it.

Image courtesy of Ken Rubin/ SOEST.

Corals in flume

September 19 : Coral Reef Survival

New research at the Hawaii Institute for Marine Biology on Coconut Island predicts the damage from increased carbon dioxide in the oceans. Read more about it.

Image courtesy of Marlin Atkinson HIMB / SOEST.

Image of damage form the Dec 2004 tsunami.

September 9: Evaluating the Social Effectiveness of Tsunami Warning Methods

Scientists from the University of Hawaii have been awarded a 0.5 million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop a “tsunami preparedness model” that can be used to enhance public safety in tsunami-prone regions. Read more about it.

Image courtesy of Chris Gregg / ETSU.

National Weather Service at UH Manoa.

July 11: 10th Anniversary of National Weather Service on UH Manoa Campus

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrationís (NOAA) National Weather Service (NWS) recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary of the relocation of the Weather Forecast Office (WFO) Honolulu and Central Pacific Hurricane Center (CPHC) from Honolulu Airport to the UH Manoa Campus. Read more about it.

Image courtesy of SOEST / UH.

July 1: SOEST Interim Dean Klaus Keil Appointed to Space Studies Board of National Academy of Sciences

Image courtesy of Bob Chinn/ UH University Relations

June 24: Deep Ocean Instrument to look at Chemistry of Seismically-active Sea Floor

Image courtesy of Gary McMurtry/SOEST

June 23: Geology and Geophysics Assistant Professor awarded prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award

Image courtesy of Julia Hammer / SOEST

June 6: UH Oceanographer among Pew Marine Conservation Fellows that Call for International Action on Marine Protected Areas

Image courtesy of the Pew Institute for Ocean Science

May 27: Evidence for extensive, olivine-rich bedrock on Mars

Image courtesy of Vicky Hamilton/HIGP/SOEST

Gary Huss and Klaus Keil

May 18: W.M. Keck Foundation Gives $1.5 Million for New Cosmochemistry Lab at UH

Image courtesy of Bob Chinn/ University Relations

Judith Vergun

May 17: UH scientist honored among recipients of Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring

Image courtesy of Judith Vergun/Kumu Ola Source of Knowledge Program/SOEST

April 29: Global decline of tuna populations exaggerated

Image courtesy of Pelagic Fisheries Research Program/SOEST

April 4: Biodiversity of tropical reef fishes

Image courtesy of Luiz Rocha, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

April 4: Cyanobacteria linked to neurological disease

Image courtesy of Susan Brown/ University of Hawaii

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