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C. H. Fletcher III (Chip)

C. H. Fletcher III (Chip)
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
Marine and Environmental Geology Division

Research Fields
  • Coastal sedimentology and stratigraphy
  • Quaternary geology of carbonate reef and coastal systems
  • Sea-level rise and impacts to island communities

Research Topics
  • Fossil reefs and sea-level history in Hawaii
  • Sea level movements and coastal evolution in the Pacific
  • Coastal sedimentology and environment evolution on beaches and reefs
  • Climate change impacts to island communities
  • Coastal erosion analysis
  • Coastal flooding analysis

Research Themes
Courses Commonly Taught
  • ERTH 101 Dynamic Earth
  • ERTH 170 Physical Geology
  • ERTH 420 Coastal Geology
  • ERTH 620 Beaches, Reefs and Climate Change