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Research Themes

1. Composition and dynamics of Earth's deep interior

The Earth's deep interior is the heat engine that drives plate tectonics, crustal uplift, volcanism, atmosphere formation and our planet's evolution.

2. Formation, motion and recycling of Earth’s crust (the rock cycle)

Over the course of Earth's history, the crust has been repeatedly formed, deformed, deconstructed (weathered and eroded), and renewed by physical and chemical processes.

3. Earth’s surface: water, sediments, and life

Earth's surface: water, sediments, and life.

4. Earth history

Four and a half billion years have elapsed since the formation of the Earth and in that vast amount of time, geologic and biologic forces have wrought an ever-changing landscape of shifting continents, changing climates, and species…

5. Earth hazards, resources and sustainability

The surface of the Earth provides resources (e.g., water, fossil fuels, and metallic ores) necessary to support our modern civilization.

6. The Solar System

The origin and evolution of our solar system has preoccupied human observers for centuries. Clues as to the nature of the early solar system can be found in primitive meteorites, whereas meteorites from the Moon and Mars provide direct samples of the …