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Earth Sciences Summer Field Camp Stipend Undergraduate

A limited number of merit-based stipends may be awarded each year from the Department of Earth Sciences to undergraduate Earth Sciences majors to offset the cost of summer field camp if funds are available. These are given as reimbursements of partial expenses, after the course is successfully completed. Typical award size: $500 to $1000. There is no dedicated fund to support this activity, so the ability of the department to make an award in a given year depends on the status of the department budget.

To Apply

  1. Student submits application, acceptance letter from the host university for the field camp, and a cover letter to the Earth Sciences department chair by March 1st in the Spring before attending the camp.
  2. Student hears back from the Earth Sciences department chair sometime after the March 1st deadline.
  3. If application is accepted, student:
    1. Will pay for the field camp up front.
    2. Attend field camp.
    3. Request official transcript from the host university to be sent directly to the University of Hawai's Admission and Records Office.
    4. Have grades mailed to the University of Hawaii's Department of Earth Sciences.
  4. Once student successfully completes field camp with a passing grade:
    1. Fill out UH Foundation Check Request Form for Student Aid Recipients with department secretary
    2. Monetary reimbursement award will be placed into student's MyUH account.