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William T. Coulbourn Fellowship in Marine Geology UndergraduateGraduate

The William T. Coulbourn Fellowship in Marine Geology and Geophysics is offered yearly to deserving undergraduate or graduate students in the Department of Earth Sciences. Coulbourn fellowships might be awarded to students of Earth Science in any field of marine geological research, but preference will be to support state-of-the art research in fields in which Coulbourn himself had worked. Bill Coulbourn's marine geological research ranged from beaches to trenches, aboard ship and in the lab. It included an ecologic study of sediments on a reef as well as the collection and interpretation of seismic and side-scan records and cored and dredged samples of a trench, slope, and shelf. Other work included statistical analyses of sediments and of microfossils, the sedimentology of deep-sea cores, the morphology and sand deposits of island slopes, and investigations of fluid processes (mud volcano, submarine groundwater discharge, meander patterns on a continental shelf). Up to $3000 is available per year.

To Apply:

Complete a Stearns-Coulbourn Fellowships Common Application Form. In it you will outline your proposed project. The application describes the research, its methodology and significance, and a proposed budget.

  1. Obtain a letter of support from your advisor or other faculty member and attach it to the application form. (The faculty member will monitor the research.)
  2. Submit the proposal and letter of support to Office Manager in POST 701.
  3. Those receiving a William T. Coulbourn Fellowship are required to present, within one year, an oral summary of their results at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Geology Club, or other public forum. Direct any questions to the Department Chair.

Application Deadline: April 1st