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Experience the first view of a World War II-era Imperial Japanese Navy mega-submarine, the I-400, lost since 1946 when it was intentionally scuttled by U.S. forces after its capture. It now sits in more than 2,300 feet of water off the southwest coast of O'ahu.

Launch and recovery of the Pisces V submersible and some highlights of work on mesophotic reef with deep technical divers as well as some deeper gold coras.

Brothers Volcano, Kermadec Arc

Giggenbach Volcano, Kermadec Arc

Submersible Launch

Vailulu'u 2005: Nafanua Submarine Volcano "Eel City"; PI: H. Staudigel

Hawaiian monk seal spotted at 542m in NWHI, PI A. Baco-Taylor

appox 18ft long 6-gill shark, Hexanchus griseus; northeast coast of Molokai at a depth of 1000m (3280ft); PIs: C. Smith & E. Vetter

Chimera: Hydrolagus purpurescens Loihi Seamount

Pelagic Octopus: Cirroteuthis sp. Loihi Seamount

Cooke's Shark: Echinorhinus cookei Cross Seamount

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