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Mission Photos

Highlight photos, mostly taken by submersible pilots through the submersible viewports, organized by year or location.

I-400: Largest diesel submarine ever built, found south of Oʻahu, Aug 2013.

Japanese midget submarine: sunk Dec 7, 1941 - found, Aug 2002.

I-401: Largest diesel submarine ever built, found off of Barbers Point, Mar 2005.

Loʻihi Volcano: Images from the young seamount bound to be the next Hawaiian Island.

Northwest Hawaiian Islands 2002

Northwest Hawaiian Islands 2001

2009 Mission Photos: Featuring the I-14, I-201, I-401, a 3-piece midget sub, & mesophotic reefs

2008 Mission Photos: Featuring deep corals.

2007 Mission Photos: Featuring deep corals at Cross Seamount and in the main and Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Japanese midget submarine & I-401.

2005 Mission Photos: Featuring undersea volcanoes from American Samoa and along the Kermadec Arc. Deep ecosystems of Palmyra, Kingman Reef and the Line Islands.

2002-2004 Highlights

2001 Highlights