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    Welcome to the Hawaiʻi Undersea Research Lab (HURL) website!

    HURL was the only U.S. deep submergence facility in the Pacific for over 30 years, completing nearly 1900 dives representing 9300 hours underwater. After the recent decommissioning of the support ship Kaʻimikai-o-Kanaloa (KOK), HURL and the subs are not currently running operations in the Pacific, but may become active once more with renewed support and funding. This site documents our submersible assets, operations and research conducted throughout the years.

    With emerging interest in marine resources in the Pacific and renewable energy from the sea, HURL's contributions will continue to play an essential role in advancing scientific research and technology for many years to come. You can now access all of the data collected from the HURL missions through our self-serve and open access archive.

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    Hawaiʻi Undersea Research Laboratory Archive

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