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Photo credit: Brijonnay Madrigal

The Workshop on Detection, Classification, Localization and Density Estimation of Marine Mammals using Passive Acoustics has brought together researchers and practitioners in the field every 2-3 years since 2003 (Halifax 2003; Monaco 2005; Boston 2007; Pavia 2009; Mt. Hood 2011; St. Andrews 2013; San Diego 2015; Paris 2018). The workshop series has been successful in advancing the field by providing a forum for researchers to share/compare methods, and build collaborations. The series has also served as an entrance point for students and researchers new to the field.

The 9th DCLDE Workshop will take place in Waikiki on the Island of Oahu, March 7-11 2022. As with previous workshops, a common data is provided to allow participants to directly compare algorithms and methodologies.

Workshop co-chairs: Erin Oleson & Eva-Marie Nosal
Steering committee: Olivier Adam, Simone Baumann-Pickering, Sander von Benda-Beckmann, Doug Gillespie, John Hildebrand, Susan Jarvis, Holger Klinck, Gianni Pavan, Marie Roch, Ana Sirovic
Local organizing committee: Ann Allen, Marc Lammers, Jennifer McCullough, Aude Pacini

Contact us at: dclde2020 [at] gmail [dot] com