OCN 637: Aquatic Microbial Geochemistry

(3cr., offered Fall of odd number years) The synergy between the biogeochemistry of element cycling and the microbial organisms involved, interfacing across disciplines from the perspective of a practical blend of aquatic chemistry, microbiology, biogeochemistry, and molecular biology. Pre: OCN 623 or consent. Course syllabus

OCN 623: Chemical Oceanography

(3cr., offered every spring semester) Chemical processes occurring in marine waters; why they occur and how they affect the oceanic environment. Oceanography Department Core graduate course. Course schedule, and more info available on the UH Google Classroom site.

OCN 490: Communication of Research Results

(2cr., offered every spring semester) Lecture/discussion to provide instruction and experience in oral and written presentation of scientific results and material. Registration limited to GES majors in their final semester. A-F only. Repeatable once. Pre: consent.

OCN 418: Advanced Environmental Monitoring and Measurements

(2cr., offered every fall semester) Embedded sysatems lab course for environmental sensing applications. Students will learn how to combine low-cost sensors, micro-computers, and microcontrollers with open-source scripting to empower lab and field research sensing projects. SOEST majors have registration priority, but other majors encouraged to inquire.

OCN401 image

OCN 401: Biogeochemical Systems

(3cr., offered every fall semester) Relationship of biogeochemical cycles in the atmosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere to global chemical cycles and planetary climatic conditions. GES degree foundation and capstone course. A-F only. Pre: OCN 201, OCN/MET/OEST 310/310L, BIOL 172/172L, CHEM 162/162L, GG 101/101L, MATH 241, MATH 243 & 252A, MATH 373 (or ECON 321), MET 200, PHYS 170/170L, and PHYS 272/272L; or consent. Course syllabus