Private donations to research universities are critical for enhancing the student experience, purchasing cutting-edge instrumentation, and allowing for some of the highest-risk, highest-reward research. If you are interested to learn how you can help, contact Dr. Glazer directly or follow the link to begin giving to the Friends of Oceanography Fund.


The Glazer Lab is frequently engaged in local and distant field work and is pleased to work with science teachers to help coordinate possible lesson plans, opportunities for lab modules, or class visits. Contact Dr. Glazer to inquire.

Prospective undergraduates

Dr. Glazer serves as an undergraduate academic and research thesis advisor for the Global Environmental Science Program. If you are interested in working in Glazer Lab to gain lab and field experience, or looking ahead to plan a senior research thesis, make an appointment with Dr. Glazer to chat about opportunities.

Prospective graduate students

For information about applying to graduate school and degree requirements, make sure you read the departmental guidelines.

The student selection process is highly competitive and funding sources and current projects are always in various stages of development. Check out the recent research web pages to see where the current concentrations are in Glazer Lab. If you decide to apply to UH, mention your general interest in the Glazer lab on your application. Although not required, our Department strongly encourages prospective students to consider applying to one or more fellowships available for graduate studies. I've listed some possibilities to consider below:

Prospective postdocs

If you are interested in the possibility of performing postdoctoral research in the Glazer Lab, please email Dr. Glazer directly with a statement of your short-term research goals, your CV, and a representative publication.