Our research focuses on meteorology and climate dynamics, with an emphasis on tropical weather phenomena and the climate of the Indo-Pacific.

We study:

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  • On the large (macro) scale: the dynamics and role of the El Niño/Southern Oscillation, the Asian summer monsoon, the Madden-Julian oscillation on worldwide weather and climate.
  • On the medium (synoptic) scale: hurricanes and typhoons and the way they interact with their environment, interactions between mid-latitude weather systems and the tropics.
  • On the smaller medium (meso) scale: local pollution, local winds, severe storms, and properties of cloud ensembles.
  • On the small (micro) scale: physics and chemistry of individual clouds and associated rainfall fluctuations.

The studies and the techniques we use overlap: synoptic and weather satellite analysis, numerical models, detailed field measurements, statistics.

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