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Welcome to Introductory Oceanography

OCN 201, Fall 2015!

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Maiko swimming in Hanauma Bay in shallow water.

Jason being deployed during Loihi undersea volcano research.




Aug 20, 2015 - Update from Professor Measures, currently at Sea:

The USCGC Healy (U.S. Coast Guard Ship) is currently at 76˚N in the Arctic Ocean!

Read his updates HERE!

Rosette cast from CLIVAR PO2 leg 2 cruise along 30º N from Honolulu to San Diego

Below: the USCGC Healy


Below: The map shows the cruise track indicating where the ship has been so far (dark red) and where it was on 20 Aug 2015 (ship-shaped outline).Map of cruse track




Boxes to be unpacked, main lab

Image 1: Boxes to be unpacked, main lab

Improvised trace element 'bubble'

Image 2: Making a home-made trace element 'bubble', main lab

Connecting necessary cables to power the lab-van

Image 3: Professor Measures connecting necessary cables to power the lab-van


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