Here you will find links to numerous on-line glossaries that you can refer to
to supplement any definitions in your text book.

Glossary of Oceanography and the Related Geosciences with References (Texas A & M University)

Geological Oceanography
Dictionary of Geologic Terms (Geotech)
Photo glossary of volcano terms (Volcano Hazards Program, USGS)
Glossary of earthquake terms (Earthquake Hazards Program, USGS)

Physical Oceanography
Glossary of Physical Oceanography and Related Disciplines
(Texas A & M University)
Glossary of Scientific Terms (Physical Oceanography)
(University of Alberta, Canada)

Chemical Oceanography
Glossary of chemical terms (Faculty of Chemical Technology, Croatia)

Biological Oceanography
Glossary of Marine Biology (Stony Brook University)
Definition of Fisheries Technical Terms (National Marine Fisheries Service)

Weather glossary (The Weather Channel)

Last modified: August 2011
Department of Oceanography