OCN 201 Laboratory Information
Spring 2020

Labs meet in Marine Science Building room 203

Weekly Labs and TAs

Day Start Time Section TA TA Email
1:30 PM
001 Evan Lechner
9:00 AM
Eleanor Bates
1:30 PM
Emily Young


9:00 AM
Alice Vislova
1:30 PM
Kyle Conner

Lab Schedule for Spring 2020


Grading consists of approximately the following point distributions.

Quizzes (5 points each)


Lab reports (10 points each)


Paper Topic

Rough Draft of Paper


Final Draft of Paper

Presentation (5-7 minutes)






The actual number of points will vary depending on holidays.

Attendance to all lab sessions is mandatory. Missing a lab will result in a 0 score for that week’s quiz and worksheet. Under certain circumstances (like if you are sick and can  provide a doctor's note) a student may be permitted to go to another section’s lab to make up an absence. This requires prior approval from the other section's TA before attending his/her lab section. Under extenuating and legitimate circumstances, an absence can also be made up with a 5 page paper on that week's lab topic, which must be turned at the next lab meeting. This must be organized with your lab TA. Missing more than 1 lab is grounds for an automatic F.

Quizzes on each week's reading are completed on Laulima and are available from the end of the previous week's lab until the start of the next lab.

Before attending class you are expected to have read that week's assigned reading. Readings will be posted under the lab schedule link on the main page.

At the beginning of each lab, after the quiz, there will be a 10-15 minute PowerPoint presentation, introducing that day’s lab. The information covered in these presentations will also supplement the OCN 201 class lecture.

Each week’s lab will have an assigned reading and worksheet. Lab worksheets are worth 10 points each. Your lowest worksheet score for the semester will be dropped; however  a missed lab worksheet cannot be dropped. The worksheet will be completed each week in lab & submitted at that time. No late labs will be accepted and failure to hand in a lab on time will result in a grade of zero ' 0 ' for that lab. No exceptions or make-ups will be given. While working in groups is encouraged in each lab, each student is required to fill out his/her individual lab worksheet. Copying another student’s worksheet or any other form of cheating will not be tolerated! Students caught cheating will receive a 0 score for that lab and may be asked to leave the lab class.


*There will be no field trips during the Fall 2020 Semester*
You are required to go on one field trip for the lab course. This field trip requirement is worth 20 points. Please be aware the lecture course has its own field trip requirement. You cannot use the lab field trip for your lecture requirement. If you are enrolled in both the lab and lecture, two different field trips must be attended. There are 10 available field trip options. You must sign up for one. Sign ups will be done in your lab section and are first come first serve. It is your responsibility to make at least one of the available options. Because these field trips have limited space and are very time-consuming to coordinate (paperwork, transportation etc.), if you sign up and fail to show up a penalty deduction of 10 points will be taken off of your total potential field trip points (20).

A term paper, including a topic submission (5 points), a rough draft submission (10 points), and a final draft (15 points), is required for the lab. This scientific paper will cover a topic in Oceanography, and the topics will be determined by each TA in coordination with their students so that each student has their own unique topic. The final draft will be worth 15 points and will be due during the last week of lab. Your TA will outline the specifics of the paper in class.

Term Paper and Presentation Information

Term Paper Slideshow (resources)

Term Paper Rubric

Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Rubric

During the last week of lab you will also be required to give a 5-7 minute presentation of your term paper. You are expected to have a slide presentation, created using PowerPoint, Keynote, etc. You are advised not to simply read off of your term paper with no visual aids because this will result in a very poor grade. Remember you are presenting to a crowd of your peers so have fun and relax!

Each TA will use his/her discretion to determine participation points for each student. Students who participate in discussions and help the TA make each lab a fun learning experience will receive full credit for participation.


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