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TGIF Seminar

Fall 2022 TGIF Seminars

Interested in learning about a wide range of earth sciences relevant topics and socializing with colleagues in our department community? Join us each Friday afternoon at 3:30 pm for the ERTH Department TGIF Seminar!

Paul Wessel

Leptoukh Award Winner: Paul Wessel

Paul Wessel named American Geophysical Union's (AGU) 2022 Greg Leptoukh Lecture recipient, awarded by the Earth and Space Science Informatics section. They chose Paul because of his pioneering effort in developing widely used open-source software for the Earth science community, such as the globally recognized Generic Mapping Tools (GMT).

Rose Gallo and Liliane Burkhard

EPS Graduate students featured on ThinkTech Hawaii, Science@SOEST

Rose Gallo, "The 2018 Eruption of Kilauea" and Liliane Burkhard, "Tectonics of Icey Worlds"

2022 Alumni Days

EARTH Alumni and Friends Days 2022

Join us on campus 13-14 May for two days of interactions, tours, discussions, catching up with friends, and a field trip!

Bridget Smith-Konter, Henrietta Dulai, Brian Popp, Bruce Houghton

Excellence in EARTH!

Henrietta Dulai receives the 2022 Peter V. Garrod Distinguished Mentoring Award; Brian Popp receives the 2022 Board of Regent's Medal for Excellence in Research; Bridget Smith-Konter receives the 2022 Board of Regents Medal for Excellence in Teaching; and Bruce Houghton received the 2021 Board of Regents Excellence in Research

Natalia Pasqualon and Kei Takazawa

EPS Graduate students featured on ThinkTech Hawaii, Science@SOEST

Natalia Pasqualon "Ocean Research Cruises" and Kei Takazawa "Infrasound"

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UHM continues to receive top world and national rankings

Geology in the top 51-100 worldwide and No. 22 in the U.S.; Geophysics in the top 51-100 worldwide and No. 22 in the U.S.

Gwen Brouwer and Brytne Okuhata

EPS Graduate students featured on ThinkTech Hawaii, Science@SOEST

Gwen Brouwer (left) "Saturn's Moon Titan" and Brytne Okuhata(right), "Hydrogeology of West Hawaii"

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Future Climate Modeling

Research recently published in PNAS by Sloan Coasts and colleagues examines what consitututes "normal" with repsect to rainfall patterns in the coming decades, prediciting more common drought or wet conditions ahead

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Join our Faculty Team

Two open Earth Sciences Faculty Positions in Coastal Processes and ElectronMicroprobe lab Management