Dr. Malte Stuecker

Stuecker, Malte

Assistant Professor
Physical Oceanography
Office: Post 406C
Ph: (808) 956-9158

Research Interests

The Stuecker Climate Dynamics lab is working on various aspects of climate variability and change in the past, present, and future. These range from regional to global scales, from the tropics to the poles. Much of our work is centered on the climate of the Pacific, the largest ocean and home to Hawaiʻi and our University.

Our tools include statistical analysis of observations and paleo records as well as hierarchies of climate model simulations, ranging from very idealized low-order models to state-of-the-art high-resolution coupled climate models and large ensemble simulations. High resolution models allow us to gain a better understanding of regional processes whereas large ensembles provide a powerful tool to study changes in climate variability and extreme events (such as marine heatwaves or heavy rainfall).

Furthermore, we are interested in the practical applications to seasonal forecasting and society as a whole based on insights gained from studying fundamental climate dynamics. For instance, we recently developed a new statistical-dynamical forecast system for the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD). This system exhibits superior skill compared to all previous and current operational IOD prediction systems.

Please contact me regarding potential opportunities to join the group as a student/postdoc. I encourage prospective students and postdocs to apply to several fellowships available in our field (listed under the potential opportunities link).