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The Marine Geology and Geochemistry Division (MGGD) is one of three divisions within the Department of Oceanography at the University of Hawai‘i. Graduate studies within MGGD are offered through the Department of Oceanography. Our undergraduate degree program in Global Environmental Science is also hosted with the Department of Oceanography. The MGGD faculties are active participants in both of these degree programs.

MGGD members have research programs ranging from field studies of coastal and deep sea processes to theoretical analyses of elemental distributions in the universe. A major theme underlying much of the research concerns past and postulated future changes in the global environment, and the effects of these changes on the planet Earth as an integrated geophysical system.

Much of the research addresses processes at the boundaries of the major plates which comprise the Earth's crust; these studies include analysis of trace metal distributions, mineral formation and diagenesis, circulation and reaction of hydrothermal fluids, geomicrobiology and the deep subseafloor biosphere.

Open ocean studies include research on the use of geochemical tracers of oceanic circulation and chemical reactions in the sea, the formation of ferromanganese deposits on the sea floor, and isotopic and organic geochemistry. Nearshore research programs involve biogeochemical cycling, especially in coral reefs and estuaries, and human effects on this cycling. Atmospheric studies include the analysis of gas and aerosol distributions, and the effect of these materials on the Earth's radiation budget and the ocean-atmosphere exchanges.

All of these studies combine field measurements with laboratory experimentation and conceptual modeling; coastal and deep ocean observing systems are also increasingly utilized by many of MGGD’s researchers.

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