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Hawaii Multibeam Synthesis 3 Dimensional View

This website hosts the multibeam bathymetry synthesis for the main Hawaiian Islands.   This multiyear project has been funded by the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology and the Hawaii Mapping Research Group. We have undertaken the collection, processing, and visualization of all available bathymetry data for the Main Hawaiian Islands.   This public release (version 15) is the 4th public release of the synthesis and will definitely not be the last.   Please check back as more datasets are added.   The three dimensional view shown above is the multibeam synthesis combined with the USGS DEMs and the Smith and Sandwell Measured and Estimated Seafloor Topography.


We would like to say a big thank you to both the Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory and NOAA's Pacific Islands Benthic Habitat Mapping Center for contributions of large amounts of data to this synthesis.

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Update: Version 19 of the synthesis was released on May 13, 2011. All files on the website (grids, maps, images, etc.) are currently being updated to show the new dataset. Version 18 files can still be downloaded from ftp.soest.hawaii.edu in pjohnson/MBS18 and the Version 19 files are available at ftp.soest.hawaii.edu in pjohnson/MBS19 . Enjoy! - PDJ

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