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Garrett Ito

Garrett Apuzen-Ito
Professor and Department Chair
Geophysics and Tectonics Division

Research Fields
  • Geodynamical processes of the convecting mantle, lithosphere, and crust associated with magmatism

Research Topics
  • Dynamics of upper mantle flow and magma generation
  • Geophysical constraints in the structure of the crust and upper mantle
  • Origin of geochemical variations at hotspots and mid-ocean ridges
  • Faulting and evolution of the crust at divergent and convergent plate boundaries

Research Themes
Courses Commonly Taught
  • ERTH 101 Dynamic Earth
  • ERTH 312 Advanced Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers I
  • ERTH 413 Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis
  • ERTH 631 Geophysics-Solid, Fluid, and Wave Mechanics
  • ERTH 632 Geophysics-Gravity, Magnetics, and Heat Transfer