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The Hawaii Center for Volcanology is a cooperative effort of research and teaching scientists within Hawaii, other than maintaining this website for the general public. The HCV main office is located in Honolulu at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (which is ~200 miles from Hawaii Island, where the active Hawaiian volcanoes are situated). HCV member Institutions on the island of Hawaii are the University of Hawaii at Hilo and the USGS Hawaii Volcano Observatory (HVO).
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The Pu`u `O`o eruption of Kilauea reached it's 35th year of continuing activity in the Puu Oo eruption on 3 Jan 2018 and culminated in a spectacular series of events at the summit and lower east rift zone through Summer 2018. The volcano has been in eruption quiescence since Sept. 2018. Halemaumau had also been active from March, 2008, reaching 10 years of activity with the highest lava lake levels yet in late April, 2018, before it all drained away in the aforementioned activity.

This web site launched on on 11 June 1995 and had its 1,000,000th visitor in 2000, when we sort of stopped counting.

Mr. Spock What's in a name? For those of you who were wondering, "Volcanology" involves the study of volcanoes and volcanic activity, such as at Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, which is depicted above. It does not involve the study of rubber (i.e., to "vulcanize" is to strengthen natural rubber by heating with sulfur) or the study of aliens from the planet Vulcan (i.e., Mr. Spock)


Titus Coan FOR    THE    HISTORY    BUFF
An on line version of the book "Life in Hawaii", by Titus Coan. This book, first published in 1882, describes the author's observations of active volcanism on the Big Island during the 19th century. It is being made available to users of this site by Edward Coan, Titus' great-great-grandson


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