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The content at this site reflects the work of many people

This site was created and is maintained by Professor Ken Rubin, Deot. of Geology and Geophysics at the University of Hawaii. All html, text and graphics by Ken unless otherwise noted below. Please contact Ken for permission to use protected images and text from these pages for any non-educational or "for profit" uses.

Main HCV pages:
*Photo of Kilauea lava flowing into the sea taken by Mike Garcia
*Photo from Mauna Kea summit on abouthcv.html by Mike Garcia
*Other images on abouthcv.html provided by Scott Rowland.
HCV Photo Gallery:
*Photos by Scott Rowland (some cropping and image enhancement by Ken Rubin) except as noted below
*Photo on the skylite page by John Sinton
*Photo on the Lava Lake page by Peter Mouginis-Mark, courtesy of NASA's Virtually Hawaii Project
Loihi pages:
*large 3d Color relief map of Loihi in main page top image by John Smith
*smaller 3d Color relief maps of Loihi in main page top image by Nathan Becker
*Big Island Earthquake map on Loihi page by Gerard Fryer
*Loihi color topographic map by Nathan Becker
*Big Island Earthquake map on "event" page by Jackie Caplan-Auerbach
*Loihi earthquake map by Jackie Caplan-Auerbach
*Event Response cruise ship track image by Kevin Johnson
*Bulbous pillow lava on main Loihi page and basalt Photomicrograph photos on all pages by Mike Garcia.
*Rock Geochemistry page phase diagram by Nancy Hulbrit
*Event Summary earthquake depth image by Jackie Caplan-Auerbach
*Event Summary Loihi relief map by John Smith
*Event Summary Breccia Photo by Fred Duennebier
*Event Summary ToYo image by Brian Midson
*Loihi Seismicity Page data images by Jackie Caplan-Auerbach
*Images of R/V Ka'imikai-o-Kanaloa and Pisces V manned submersible on the Event Response Expedition planning page courtesy of Alex Malahoff/HURL
*Loihi Virtual Tour batymetric images by Nathan Becker and Ken Rubin.
*Loihi Virtual Tour HUGO images by Fred Duennebier.

Text on main Loihi page by Ken Rubin and Mike Garcia
*Event response page text by participants listed at bottom of document
*H-Therm vents page text by participants of LONO and RRC cruises
*Rock descriptions of LONO lavas on Rock Gallery by Dave Clague
*Rock Geochemistry page text by Mike Garcia and Ken Rubin
*Loihi Seismicity Page text by Jackie Caplan-Auerbach
*Event Summary text written by the Loihi Science team (alphabetically)

F. K. Duennebier
N. C. Becker
J. Caplan-Auerbach
D. A. Clague
J. Cowen
M. Cremer
M. Garcia
F. Goff
A. Malahoff
G. M. McMurtry
B. P. Midson
C. L. Moyer
M. Norman
P. Okubo
J. A. Resing
J. M. Rhodes
K. Rubin
F. J. Sansone
J. R. Smith
K. Spencer
X. Wen
C. G. Wheat

Kilauea pages:
*Fire fountaining, pahoehoe flow "ooze-out" and Trusdell photos on the Kilauea main page by Mike Garcia
*Kilauea Eruption update page "Daybreak at Puu Oo" by Terry Kirby, Hawaii Undersea Research Lab, Univ. of Hawaii.
*Kilauea Eruption update page "Rim parallel fissure", "Rim perpendicular fissure" and "group photo on the South Shield" by Ken Rubin.
*Kilauea Eruption update page Puu Oo lava lake time series photos courtesy of NASA's Virtually Hawaii Project.
*Kilauea Eruption update page various other images of the PuuOo cone and the sea-entries from USGS (as noted on the images).
*Episode 55 page "Daybreak at Puu Oo" and "Puu Oo on 24 May" photos Terry Kirby. "The sea entry at sunset", "lava glow" and "Puu Oo come" from 25 July 1997 photos taken by Mike Garcia. Lava tree photo by Ken Rubin; Lava channel photo by Scott Rowland.
*Episode 54 page top image by Ken Rubin. Other images from USGS source material and modified by Ken Rubin for this format. Used with permission of the U. S. Geological Survey's Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.
*The Changing Faces of the Puu Oo Crater on PuuOo history page image courtesy of NASA's Virtually Hawaii Project
*Flow Map on PuuOo history page by Nancy Hulbrit after published data from USGS-HVO
*PuuOo data/maps images by Aaron Pietruzska and Mike Garcia
*PuuOo crater photo on the episodes page by Scott Rowland

*Kilauea main page synopsis written by Mike Garcia and Ken Rubin.
*Kilauea Eruption history by Ken Rubin and Rochelle Minicola, during a Kailua High School Community Quest work experience effort with the Hawaii Center for Volcanology.
*PuuOo history, episode summary and data/maps pages by Mike Garcia and Ken Rubin.
*Kilauea Eruption update page (and episodes 53, 54 and 55 pages) Synopses written by Mike Garcia and Ken Rubin using personal observations and information kindly provided by the U.S. Geological Survey's Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (formal press releases and web site material from HVO are based upon the work of a great number of individuals, including those listed below; the information on this web page was modified for consumption by the general public and non-volcano specialists)

Don Swanson
Dave Sherrod
Carl Thornber
Frank Trusdell
James Kauahikaua
Laszlo Keszthelyi

Mauna Loa pages:
*Main page picture of Mauna Loa from sea by Nathan Becker
*Eruption history page Mauna Loa photo from Kilauea by Ken Rubin
*Mauna Loa Flora and Climate page photo of the Red Hill cabin by Scott Rowland

*Text on all pages was complied from sources cited on those pages. These pages were constructed in part by Kailua (O'ahu) high school student Rochelle Minacola under the auspices of that school's Community Quest work-experience program.

Important Disclaimer regarding Kilauea eruption updates: The US Geological Survey-Hawaiian Volcano Observatory has provided much of the factual material contained in the reports on the eruption update page, but is not directly responsible for editorial changes or enhancements made by the HCV (the Hawaii Center for Volcanology) web staff, nor does it claim responsiblity in any way for the interpretive content of these pages. Much of this information is also avaiable at the HVO website.


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