Tagged tuna graphic by Nancy Hulbirt, SOEST Illustration.

PFRP Trophodynamics Projects

Description of project activities, progress reports and contact information. Newer projects are listed first.

Integrating Conventional and Electronic Tagging Data into the Spatial Ecosystem and Population Model SEAPODYM
  • PI: Inna Senina, Patrick Lehodey, and Francois Royer
  • Project status: Project funds expended, FY 2012 progress report posted.
Assessment of the Impacts of Mesoscale Oceanographic Features on the Forage Base for Oceanic Predators
  • PI: Jeffrey Drazen and Reka Domokos
  • Project status: Project completed, FY 2008 progress report posted.
Intra-Guild Predation and Cannibalism in Pelagic Predators: Implications for the Dynamics, Assessment and Management of Pacific Tuna Populations
  • PI: Tim Essington, Mark Maunder, Robert Olson, James Kitchell, and Enric Cortes
  • Project status: Project funds expended, manuscripts in preparation, FY 2010 progress report posted.
Examining Latitudinal Variation in Food Webs leading to Top Predators in the Pacific Ocean
  • PI: Jock W. Young, Robert Olson, Valerie Allain, and Jeffrey Dambacher
  • Project status: Project completed, FY 2009 progress report posted.
Climate and Fishing Impacts on the Spatial Population Dynamics of Tunas
  • PI: Patrick Lehodey and Olivier Maury
  • Project status: Project completed, project final report and user manual submitted, FY 2010 progress report posted.







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