A Tour of Loihi: The South Rift Zone (shallow section)

       This is a 3-D bathymetric map of the upper reaches (shallowest part) of the South Rift Zone of Loihi. All Hawaiian volcanoes are characterized by well developed rift zones that meet at the summit of the volcano. Loihi has 2 identified rift zones, just like Kilauea volcano and the Ko'olau volcano on O'ahu (where Honolulu is). Other volcanoes such as Mauna Kea and Haleakala have 3 rift zones. On the active Hawaiian volcanoes, these rifts are semi-linear areas of volcanic intrusion/extrusion and extensional spreading.
       In the center of this image you will see a mound that tops out at about 1200 m below sea level. This is an area known as Kapos Mound, which is a site of weak hydrothermal venting. Just downrift of this, at about 1300m water depth, is an area known as Naha vents. Naha vents is one of the most active areas we know of for hydrothermal venting away from the summit region. Get more details on about this and other vents on the HCV-Loihi Hydrothermal Vents page.
This creature is found along the summit and rift zones of Loihi. Although it looks like an eel, it is really a fish (scientific name: Synaphobranchid)

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